09.03.2015 12:56 PM

And the psycho tweet of the day award goes to…

No surprise, either.  This one has been a few fries short of a Happy Meal for a long time.

Alternative version: “I will show my outrage about the plight of children by using your children as rhetorical cannon fodder.”

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  1. Derek Pearce says:

    Jesus what a nut. All she does with shit like that is take the attention off of where it needs to be– the crisis, and getting refugees here pronto– and turns it into a sideshow about who’s being more insensitive than who. Lame.

  2. billg says:

    The pile on is just starting.
    There are a very large group of people who think bringing in a few thousand refugee’s out of 13million is “compassionate”.
    There were a very large group of people who didn’t want our troops in Afghanastan as if building roads and hospitals and guarding girls going to school was someone else’s job.
    The pile on is just starting.
    Tabatha Southey is just the beginning.
    They want to feel good about helping but will only commit to doing as little as possible as cheaply as possible.
    This election isn’t about the economy anymore.

    • Matt says:

      Far more believe in helping Canadians first.

      Let the opposition try to make this the election issue. Might not get them the result they think it will.

      The UN refused to classify them as refugees. Turkey refused to issue exit visas.

      Were those the reasons there claim was rejected? Was there something else?

      • Matt says:


        Despite Donnelly claim and the media falling all over themselves to blame the Conservatives for this boys death, THERE NEVER WAS A REFUGEE APPLICATION FILED by, or on behalf of the dead boys’ family. Mohammad Kurdi, now in Germany, the uncle of the dead boy put in an application for him, his wife and their kids. It was rejected pending further information and documentation.

        Abdullah Kurdi, the dead boys father never filed an application and WASN’T trying to come to Canada. This has all been confirmed by Mohammad and Abdullah’s sister in BC.

  3. lou says:

    If this is what it took to realize that Southy was out to lunch, some of us need to learn how to read. I was shocked when her byline appeared at the National Post. Not because of their right leanings, but because I thought that the editors has a sense of decency, which she has clearly lacked for years.

  4. Lou says:

    She’s been a disgrace to journalism for years. Almost makes Mallick seem half sane. Yes Tabitha, imagine the pain of a father that cannot see his children. Imagine that.

  5. Matt says:

    Wonder if this psycho has any visions of the children ISIS kidnaps, rapes and murders while she sits behind her computer bitching and denouncing the CPC sending Canadian forces to bomb ISIS.

  6. Kaiser Helmets 'n Motorbikes says:

    The behavior of Chris Alexander on P&P was shameful. This is not the first time he has tried to blame the media. I recall an interview with him for “As it Happens” or one of those other overpriced CBC mashups a year or two ago where he hung up on the show, blamed the interview, etc, etc.

    This is his concept of “Leadership”. It has nothing to do with politics, he just isn’t a leader, period.

    I don’t know what this guy learned at Oxford, but it certainly wasn’t how to take responsibility.

    That may be just fine under ideal conditions, but when people, especially children, are dying, it’s time for Little Neville Chamberlain to step aside and go back to whatever clean little office he came from.

    • smelter rat says:

      Exactly, but as you can see by most of the comments here, many Canadians have their heads shoved firmly up their asses.

      • Matt says:

        Time for Fit Donnelly to answer some questions.

        Claimed the refugee application for Abdullah, the dead boys father to bring his family to Canada was reject by CIC.

        Abdullah’s sister in BC, Tima stated today very clearly there was NO APPLICATION MADE for Abdullah.

        So, did Donnelly intentionally lie and use thes boys’ deaths for political gain?

      • UFP Ambassador says:

        Fuck off, rat dick. I’m so tired of seeing your ignorant shit here.

    • Matt says:

      so it must also be time for Thomas and Justin Chamberlin to go back to their offices since they don’t feel Canada should be doing anything militarily to stop ISIS, you know, the creators of the refugee crisis.

  7. It’s a tragedy. It’s awful. It brutal. It’s terrible. It’s horrible.

    It’s not the ballot question. Immigration is not on voter’s priority lists.

  8. Matt says:

    Yeah, all the #hashtag heros are on the case.

    Refugee problem solved.

  9. davie says:

    Any number we bring to Canada will be small compared to the overall numbers. Refugees in neighbouring countries must be a big pressure on those countries. (I saw a news item last week about a couple in Turkey getting married, and celebrating by feeding refugees in a nearby camp.) Blaming Arab countries for not doing their part seems just upside down to me, when it is Arab countries that are dealing with all those refugees.
    I am not sure where our prime minister gets his info that we are bombing Sunni areas of Iraq to save the lives of tens of millions of people. Tens of millions? How much are we paying our intelligence people?
    But, we can count refugees from Syria, Iraq, Libya and such in large numbers like that. That seems real. We are charged with killing civilians on a bombing raid recently. We have destroyed infrastructure that serves civilians, for the most part: the very people we claim we are trying to help. (I admit…that infrastructure helps Islamic State as well…because they are there.)
    We can do much more good by paying attention to humanitarian needs. Islamic States is a threat to set up a Sunni based caliphate in largely Sunni populated Iraq and Syria, and they have hard liners hardened by what they have experienced the past three decades, and they have psychopathic quixotes from other lands, but their base is desperate Sunnis.

    As I said…we can and should do humanitarian if we want to help these people and our allies in the area.

    (The savage decapitation and brutality videos from turf wars in Mexico are, to me, far worse than anything that has come from the Middle East. I am cynical when we react so strongly to the latter, and practically ignore the former.)

  10. Pat Smiley says:

    WK, you know these operatives: Twitter: “Glen McGregor ‏@glen_mcgregor 19h19 hours ago Ottawa, Ontario Refugee application for family of 3-year-old pictured dead on Turkish beach was hand-delivered to Chris Alexander.”

    The NDP is an organ of the Socialist International. The dominant position in the SI and related political movements is “open borders” by any means, including untruths and leveraging media events. They don’t believe in national sovereignty, the concept of citizenship or controlled borders. In NDP minds, the whole idea of a minister of immigration is rejected. Hence the hit piece.

  11. Peter says:

    All as may be. And I have no time for Mulcair’s view that there is no military role here. At its heart this is all about combat, against a bunch of militarized crazies of one stripe or another. The problem being, is it Assad or ISIL at the root of this catastrophe – ie are we bombing the wrong people? The answer to that one is way above my pay grade. But Mulcair deserves kudos today for refusing to assign blame for cheap political points – unlike the Dauphin. And I ain’t no Dipper.

  12. S. Maldon says:

    The problem with The Chicken Lady is not that she is a bat-shit crazy, boring writer with a nasty streak a mile wide. Nor is the problem that she seems to think she is highly clever and OMG! sooooo funny. All these things are totally true but beside the point. The key problem with The Chicken Lady is the stupid and deeply out of touch editors that keep giving her work.

    • Peter says:

      I agree. Remember the Globe’s pedigree here: Elizabeth Nickson (filing from Saltspring Island), Margaret Wente, Heather Mallick, Leah McLaren. Why does the Globe have to marquee these crazies at the expense of really talented female journalists in smaller markets who never get a chance?

  13. Sean says:

    Another spite filled narcissist who craves attention and willingly joins team, ” Big Hate Camp ” in order to bond with other hosers for the purpose of narcissistic supply. Say hello to Wellls, Tabby.

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