06.09.2016 03:06 PM

He’s with her


  1. davie says:

    Obama’s endorsement makes sense. Clinton is the candidate most likely to continue the Nobel Peace Prize winning president’s legacy of cornering with war ships and war planes China in the South China Sea (which is just off the coast of China), pushing NATO to squeeze in even more on Russia – just daring a response, smashing communities and people from Sudan to Pakistan, answering India and China business initiatives in Africa with military bases and take over of African armed forces, and subverting democracy across South America. At home,she is sure to continue to continue to stabilize Wall Street and the financials, maintain the health care system that guarantees high profits to insurance companies, and go on with a balanced approach to protecting the environment.

    Warren could be next, and then, if Sanders endorses as well, we will see, once again, the putting aside of ideas and ideals in order to look after ‘The Party.’

    Lefties who supported Obama – and have been so disappointed – and who put some stock in ideas of politicians like Warren and Sanders are now left to consider their options.

    • Ridiculosity says:

      What complete, utter nonsense.

      “Lefties” who voted for Obama are not going to consider the option of voting for Trump.

      They may hold their nose when they cast their ballot, but they won’t vote for Tan Man.

      • davie says:

        I agree that lefties will not go to Trump. They might go to Stein, they might focus only on congressional, state and municipal candidates, or they might opt out of voting.

        …or, as you say, they might hold their noses.

  2. Sean McLaughlin says:

    Go vote for Neville Chamberlain.

    China’s border claim in the South China Sea is absolutely ridiculous to anyone who has looked at a map. Think Canada laying claim to the Azores. In 1974 North Vietnam denounced the Chinese for instigating a naval battle with their arch enemy of 20 years, South Vietnam, over control of the Paracel Islands. That’s a communist country denouncing its former communist benefactor for seizing Vietnamese territory. Beijing has already indicated that it will ignore the findings of an international tribunal on borders in the South China Sea. Russia may well have had a legitimate claim on Crimea and many of us in the West probably would’ve come around to annexation if Putin had waited for a free and fair referendum that would’ve given him what he wanted, but instead he launched a war on the Donbass and lit the Ukraine on fire. I would be ashamed to vote for a candidate that wasn’t ready to stand up to these countries. You seem to think of the United States only as the country that launched a bone-headed war in Iraq, not the one that lifted us over the top in both World Wars and gave the UN victories in Korea and Iraq. The world needs ass-kicking Democrats like Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Harry Truman, and JFK. Hillary Clinton might be cut from this cloth.

    Bernie Sanders supporters are like lottery hopefuls: if I had unlimited cash, I’d buy this, this, and this… Why would any rational thinker assume that President Sanders could get any of his agenda through a Republican-controlled Congress based on the tooth-and-nail fight Obama has faced over every bit of reasonable, moderately progressive legislation? Time to get real. It’s Clinton or a dumbed-down American version of Mussolini.

    • davie says:

      Argh…got me by outing my connection to Neville Chamberlain, the arch villain of the 20th Century. I notice that all the geographic areas you refer to are on the other side of the planet.

      • Sean McLaughlin says:

        I referred to areas you referred to, weirdo.

        • davie says:

          weirdo? Oh…yeah, my hair…

          Anyway, we are in North America, and USA is here with us, Canada to the north, Atlantic Ocean, Pacific,…Mexico to the south. I thought maybe you missed that the places where USA is bombing, strafing, droning, planting missiles, deploying warships and war planes, doing war games, running their Dragoon II displays of weapons, are on the other side of our planet. I am with Ron Paul, Dennis Kicinich, Jill Stein, Noam Chomsky, and such Americans in thinking that USA military stay home.

  3. Robin says:

    American voters choice for President: Trump and Trumper

  4. Lyndon Dunkley says:

    Is it just me or does the President look a little, um, high?

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