08.25.2016 01:51 PM

Meanwhile, in other news, the world is still flat 


  1. Ron says:

    I thought Nixon was dead !

  2. KDunsmuir says:

    Prewtty obvious, but if you have to take the time to declare on TV that you are not a racist, then chances are you are probably a racist.

    On a somewhat related topic, whoever put this video together is a genius: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=545aq1V1upM

  3. Charlie says:

    Trump: “I don’t even know what racism is. Never heard of it before”.

  4. James Smith says:

    So, since he says so that’s cool right?
    Not me, but I hear some people saying (eg NY Times) that he’s not a billionaire either. I know! I’m not saying it, but I do hear lots of people saying he doesn’t have a billion bucks just lots of debt!

  5. J. Burnham says:

    Trump still has the better set of policy positions. Sad that anybody gets so caught up in the relentless “assassination by media” of this anti-establishment outsider.

    • Francis says:

      What policies? You fuckng door knob.

      He has no policies.

      Making fun of people with disabilities, proposing untenable mass deportations of Mexican illegals and promising a complete halt of Muslim immigration to the US aren’t policy proposal, they’re the rantings of a complete and utter lunatic with no grasp on reality.

      What the hell is going to do about Healthcare and wait times? What is he going to do after he tears up NAFTA? How exactly is he going to “restore law and order”?

      He hasn’t said shit all about how he’s going to achieve half the shit he’s promised. Even his supporters don’t believe he can actually build a wall.

      Trump isn’t an anti-establishment hero, he’s just an asshole with access to a mic and podium. That you buy his faux bravado says volumes of your own intelligence.

    • James Smith says:


      que ‘est-ce “policy positions” vous parlez de?

      … and by anti-establishment you’re being sarcastic n ‘est pas?

  6. Jay Currie says:

    Interesting that Mook rolled out the KKK, racist, alt-right cannons this early. Not even Labour Day.

    Tells me that the internals are saying Hilly is slipping among black voters. “What have you got to lose?” is gaining traction.

    And all those 100% redacted Huma emails and the fact that not a single email released so far refers to the Clinton Foundation.

    Oh, and for fun, still playing the MacCathy card on Trump and Putin.


  7. Smash Fascism says:

    Maybe we should be focusing on our home grown racists. Remember Your Ward News?


    I thought this Hitlerite was banned from delivering this piece of garbage? It appears he’s delivering this hate rag without using Canada Post. To cover an area as large as he claims likely means hundreds of thousands of copies are going out. Where is the money coming from to print this rag? Aren’t the police investigating this? Zundel didn’t do half of what this lowlife has done, and he went to jail!

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