10.14.2016 05:44 PM

Michelle Obama video: wow. Just, wow. 

Also, is there some late-Fall pollen in the air? My eyes are a bit teary, at the moment. I’m sure it’s nothing. 


  1. James Smith says:

    Between that. And between this:

    We as a world, will be poorer when BHO leaves office. I can’t wait to see what these two amazing people do next.

    And for voting for the the phoney Billionaire guy: “Come ‘on Man!”

    • Charlie says:


      America and the world is at a huge loss by not having the Obama’s in the WH.

      I think history will look back at their tenure in office as a time woefully under appreciated. Both Barack and Michelle are just incredible individuals and have had to put up with insane amounts of bullshit.

      I really hope they remain active participants in the world going forward. They have so much to offer and could be a source of solace in these soul-deadening of times.

      Biden as well.

  2. Eric Weiss says:

    Michelle Obama 2024?

    • Bill Templeman says:

      Eric, Apparently she hates politics and cannot wait to move out of the White House. But I agree with Warren. She is head and shoulders above, plus a whole lot more of a leader than either of the current top two candidates running for POTUS

  3. Shawn says:

    Check the lyrics of some of the rappers you invite into the white house eh first lady.

  4. Daryl gordon says:

    In a recent Wikileaks drop there was evidence of Obama communications taking place on Clinton’s illegal private server. You know, the server Obama claimed to know nothing about. Add in the use of the IRS to target opponents, the questionable actions of the justice department and the FBI making a credible case for indictment and then not proceeding. A lot of signs that corruption goes to the top of the Democratic party.

    Mrs Obama’s speech is just another example where you say anything, do anything to discredit your opponent, in 2008 it was directed at Clinton. The same tactics were used against Sanders and others in the nomination process. Clinton was the chosen one for the nomination and was getting it by any means necessary with the behind the scenes maneuvers of party insiders and very compliant media.

    Trump has shown himself to be a politically incorrect, morally suspect, ethically challenged and ruthless businessman and person, that everyone knew all along. What he presents is a total reset that both major parties want to avoid at all costs.

    • cynical says:

      “In a recent Wikileaks drop there was evidence of Obama communications taking place on Clinton’s illegal private server. You know, the server Obama claimed to know nothing about.”

      I know it won’t affect your conclusion, but if you email someone it does not necessarily mean you know ANYTHING about the ownership, registration or provenance of the server they are using.

    • jay says:

      It’s a reset the rest of the world wants to avoid too, Daryl–with such exceptions as Russia and North Korea.

      • Daryl gordon says:

        See : National Review: The Obama-Clinton Emails by Andrew McCarthy. The FBI reveal Obama’s pseudonym to Human Abedin that he used while communicating with Clinton on the private server. That act alone makes Obama subject to the same security violations as Clinton. Little wonder there was no indictment.

        Sorry, I don’ t know how to provide a link to the above article on this reply.

  5. dave constable says:

    A day or so ago i was reading comments on another site like this. The site is American and has articles and comments aimed at lefties. Most the comments seem to me to be from people who who would be called social democrats anywhere else than in USA. Most seemed to have been Sanders supporters.
    Here is what struck me: they acknowledge that Trump is a privileged rich guy who abuses his power in his treatment of others. They acknowledge the bigotry his policies appeal to.
    But hey dislike Clinton more. They figure Clinton has represented, and will continue to represent big money and a coterie of Washington war mongers intent on using their power to abuse a whole lot of countries and people.
    The odd one supports Stein/Baraka, but most, if they vote, will vote against Clinton – that is, for Trump, who seems an outsider to the groups that Clinton is seen to represent. They figure he is a better choice than continuing on the road America is on. ( Perhaps here, those measurements of how many figure the country is on the right track would give some insight. Both Reuters/Ipsos and Rasmussan report 65% of those polled figure the country is on the wrong track.)

    So if one has only 2 choices, a wretched fellow who treats others as fodder, and a lady who represents continuing the country on the wrong track, perhaps the (perverse) possibility of a lot f people, including Sanders supporters, voting for a change.

  6. P. Brenn says:

    I’m disappointed in obamas years in whitehouse and what they did and did not accomplish but there is no better speakers around ….they will make millions on the speaker circuit.

  7. Steve T says:

    For an uplifting twist on the election, this is a great video. Never mentions Trump by name, but it’s a wonderful counterbalance to the “everything is awful” campaign that he is mounting, and feeding on.


  8. Maps Onburt says:

    Sure, let’s nominate another relative of a famous person because they can string together some words for a speech – that’s worked out so well in the past (Hillary not equal to Bill, Bush Jr not equal to Bush Sr, Teddy not equal to JFK, Justin not equal to Pierre). Society has spent hundreds of years trying to get rid of the concept of rulers being born into the job but these politico’s have no better idea than using their wives/children to continue the legacy. Makes me want to barf. And people wonder why a reality TV star has been nominated for the highest office in the land….. no wonder I can’t get the slightest bit excited about the US election. 360M people and these two idiots are the best they can come up with.

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