11.17.2016 11:14 PM

Happy happy happy


  1. Matt says:

    While it really isn’t fair to compare general election results to by election results, just for giggles:

    2014 General election:
    PC – 23,378 (41.82%)
    Lib – 15,843 (28.34%)
    NDP – 12,423 (22.22%)
    Voter turnout – 58.59%

    2016 by election: 228 of 236 polls reporting @ 11:27PM
    PC – 16,804 (53.75%)
    NDP – 7,853 (25.12%)
    Lib – 4,754 (15.21%)
    Voter turnout – 30.59%

    2014 General Election
    Lib – 19,619 (51.51%)
    PC – 8,929 (23.44%)
    NDP – 7,466 (19.60%)
    Voter turnout – 46.81%

    2016 By Election: 253 of 265 polls as of 11:36PM
    Lib – 13,794 (48.57%)
    PC – 8,355 (29.84%)
    NDP – 4,271 (15.04%)
    Voter turnout – 33.76%

    • Doug says:

      The byelection results are actually quite close to the 2011 General election results, with the Liberals down a few points. I think we’re going to have a VERY divided province come the 2018 election with the rural areas, small-mid sized cities and Northern Ontario being a mix of PC and NDP and the Liberals retaining most of their Toronto and Ottawa seats(a handful of areas may go PC and NDP on the margins).

      • bluegreenblogger says:

        yeah, a bit surprised at PC result in Ottawa, especially after the swastikas and Trump tweets etc last week. Maybe I should be surprised it went Liberal in the first place though. I thought they would have more trouble with the ‘bribery’ headlines recently.

  2. Doug says:

    As I said in the other thread I did not vote PC for the first time ever in NWG and voted Libertarian instead. It looks though like rage at electricity prices was just too great for some and they held their noses and voted for this joke candidate. The PC’s finish with 54% which is around what Hudak got usually(bar the 2014 disaster). The NDP should be pleased with an OK 2nd and the Liberals were utterly pathetic here at less than 15%. Turnout was only 32%.

    Were the PC’s thinking they would do better in Ottawa? I figured it was a Liberal win but the margin is around 19 points which is larger than I expected, and it dosen’t look like they bled much off to the NDP either.

    • ottawacon says:

      The margin for the Liberals isn’t all that convincing. It is not just down from 2014, it is the lowest since the last time the Liberals lost it (1967). At the same time, it wasn’t that close. The NDP showing is genuinely dismal, and it is striking that the PCs have picked up no support from 2014. They basically appear to have got the same people out to vote for them this year as in 2014.

      As a whole, I’d interpret as troubling for the Liberals, but a clear sign that neither opposition party is convincing anyone right now.

  3. talltexan says:

    A bit off topic, but dose anyone know when the federal Ottawa-Vanier by election will be?

  4. harvey bushell says:

    Electing a 19 year old, home schooled, outspoken, social (ultra) conservative, pro-life, rookie
    to a party desperate to shed the image of pretty much all of the things he stands for.

    What could go wrong? Should we say thanks now or wait until 2018?

    • Kevin says:

      Your point is well taken.

      But I really wish we could do away with the fiction that he or his friends are pro-life. There is little that is pro-life about any of them. They are simply anti-abortion. If they were pro-life they would be out there advocating for things that would promote life. Has anyone ever seen any one of them promoting better sex ed in the schools so our young people are more aware of risks? Seen any one of them promoting easier access to birth control? Easier, cheaper access to day care so single parents could work or continue their schooling? Home visits from nurses to ensure proper child health?

      They’re not pro-. They’re just anti-.

  5. Liam Young says:

    I don’t understand why you’re happy that another hater has joined the ranks of politicians having a say on the fate of the planet. In this case, it’s painfully close to home with Ontario and Niagara.

    I would be happy if the Greens had won, or the NDP, but not more haters.

    And the Liberals? Well, so long as they keep f*ing things up the way they are, we’re going to wind up with more haters running Ontario.

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