11.08.2016 01:42 PM

What’s your electoral college prediction?

We have a Daisy Group pool going on. Add your guess in comments!


  1. jen says:

    HRC- 234

    DT – 304

  2. Richard says:

    322 HRC – 216 DT

  3. Jose says:

    My bet is that Lisa is closest to the correct outcome.

  4. MississaugaPeter says:

    My guess is skewed the other way because of my reliance on the IBD poll, but I pray for:

    266 – HRC
    266 – Trump
    6 – Evan McMillan

    Eventual winner: Evan McMillan

  5. dave constable says:

    Okay, I’ll play:

    HRC DT EMcMullin

    268 264 6


  6. Eric Weiss says:

    HRC: 303
    Orange Wankstain: 235

  7. Harvey bushell says:

    Clinton 307, Trump 231

    Senate: 50/50

  8. Scott says:

    Well Warren, I think your better half has called it.

  9. JHolst says:

    Clinton 322, Trump 216

  10. Dan Calda says:

    Clinton 352
    Trump 180
    McMullen 6

  11. The Doctor says:

    I’m going with Pollyvote, because I find them to be non-partisan and professional. Their methodology and track record are both solid.

    Clinton – 323

    Trump – 215

    And btw, to those of you who are putting any credence in those IBD polls — FFS, the IBD is a crackpot, alt-right rag, populated by the likes of Ben Stein. Get real.

  12. monkey says:

    HRC 323
    DJT 215

    Clinton picks up North Carolina, while Trump picks up Ohio and Iowa. Everything else stays the same as 2012. Clinton wins popular vote by +4 while senate goes 50-50 so Time Kaine is the tie breaker. GOP maintains house by 20 seats.

  13. MikeTO says:

    Implies you don’t have a contrarian on staff. Makes you susceptible to group-think and NOT anti-fragile.

  14. Matt says:

    Being a political nerd (in a good way) I’m surprised you don’t want:

    Electoral College:

    Clinton 269
    Trump 269

    Where it would then go to the House of Representatives to vote on the president and the Senate would vote on the VP, with each State delegation having one vote:

    Clinton 25
    Trump 25

    Kaine 25
    Pence 25

    Then what would happen?

  15. Maps Onburt says:

    I’ve been saying for months that Trump would be under polled… no surprise to me that I’m right. I’m going to say Warren nearly got it exactly backwards. 310 Trump, 228 Clinton. (It’s currently at 222 T, 202 C). Frankly, I have nothing to be happy about if I’m close… I hate both of them.

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