03.17.2017 04:47 PM

Rebel Media’s McInnes, Goldy, Gunn-Reid: “Jews are ruining the world with their lies and their money and their hooked-nose, bagel-eating faces”

Here. Wow.

  • Goldy: The “Jewspapers,” the “Jew World Order.”
  • McInnes: “Jews are ruining the world with their lies and their money and their hooked-nose, bagel-eating faces.”
  • Goldy: “…we need to launch the next Crusade and reclaim Bethlehem.”
  • McInnes: “I’ve actually become more anti-Semitic since I’ve come [to Israel].”
  • Goldy: “Feminism is cancer.”
  • McInnes: “[Palestinians] keep getting extinguished by money from big Jewbags.”
  • Gunn Reid: [Laughs at whatever anti-Semitic, bigoted crap the other two say.]

The people who run the Rebel are big on “free speech.” The people who fund the Rebel, however, don’t favour anti-Semitic speech. 

Not sure where all this is going. But I don’t think it’ll end well for the “rebels,” do you?


  1. Kelly says:

    I don’t know Mr. Levant, I have never met him. I am only familiar with him through his work. A lot of what he writes is hard to read because of its venomous tone and frankly crazy assertions. However this latest twist is very very odd. My understanding is Mr. Levant grew up in small town Alberta. Having grown up in small town Saskatchewan and visited relatives in small town Alberta on a regular basis and hearing the sort of openly racist and bigoted discourse that was part and parcel of life in those places, I can only imagine what it must have been like for Ezra growing up Jewish, where he did. That’s why I wonder if rather than anger directed his way it might be better to provide him with contact information for resources that can help him discover whether he has any unresolved issues. I think he probably has a few around anger, self identity, etc. I think this is likely the case with many hard right conservatives. I think there are mental health issues there. Michael Coren has written about this as his positions have moderated somewhat over the years, such as his stance on equal marriage. I just can’t imagine Mr. Levant is a very happy person. Thoughts?

  2. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Absolutely dumbfounded.

  3. Bill Templeman says:

    This sounds really close to hate speech, no? What to do? First you give the kids detentions, then if that doesn’t work, you call in the parents, then if that doesn’t work, you suspend them, and if there still no improvement, you have to expel them for the safety of the other kids in school. C’mon Ezra, take away their microphones and cameras. Either they are done, or you are done. This is the new Conservatism? Really?

  4. P. Brenn says:

    line crossed ..so dumb…was gathering big following

  5. Dan Calda says:

    To me the intetesting thing is the lack of comments on this topic.

  6. Bill Templeman says:

    For what it is worth, here’s Ezra’s explanation. “Our trip to Israel was really great, the Israelis love us…..”. Walking back, way back…but Warren is right: Ezra Levant is not going away any time soon, unfortunately.


    The lack of comments here may be a sign that most people are ignoring The Rebel. Smart.

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