, 10.19.2017 08:14 PM

There’s a political lie for every occasion


  1. Luke says:

    This irks me a bit, but I could see doing the right thing going badly at this time, given the situation in Catalonia and the general sense of geopolitical instability.

  2. Greyapple says:

    Craven political cowardice on Trudeau’s part. Quebec seats apparently mean more to him than the rights of Quebecers, shameful. If this were a conservative provincial government introducing such legislation, and a Conservative PM providing such a weak kneed response Trudeau and Co. would be singing a very different tune. And, of course, in the last federal election, in opposition to the far less draconian ideas of the Harper government, they were.

  3. Kev says:

    What standing does Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada have in this instance?

  4. Miles Lunn says:

    I think this is easy, the party only needs a net loss of 15 seats to lose its majority or lose 43 seats to the Tories to lose outright (note his father only once in 1968 beat the Tories in English Canada) so history would suggest he is likely to lose seats in English Canada next time around. That means he must compensate and in Atlantic Canada he holds everything so only one direction to go, Ontario the party is around it’s ceiling, while in the West most of the ridings they didn’t win never vote Liberal. So that means making gains in Quebec to offset losses in English Canada and taking a strong stance on this could hurt his chances there.

  5. Pedant says:

    I can only imagine the reaction from the Laurentian Elite if this exact same measure had been passed in Alberta or Saskatchewan.

  6. Kevin says:

    Unacceptable, for any reason. But to think he took this stand to save some Quebec seats makes my skin crawl. He’ll sell out his principles for the sake of a few votes? Disgusting. I can think of other politicians who’d be screaming blue murder right about now.

    Could he be more disappointing? It’s doubtful.

  7. Bill Templeman says:

    Trudeau has lost his compass. He’s lost in the bush. Could Jagmeet lead him to safety?

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