, 07.29.2020 08:59 PM

…and that’s just today, folks!

•WE “charity” spends hundreds of thousands on US lobbyists

• Fired WE staff confirm they were forced to attend #LPC event

• Ethics Commissioner expands probe into Finance Minister

• Sun reports WE spied on journalists 

…and that’s just today, folks! 


  1. RKJ says:

    Wonder if these little snippets will find their way into the Toronto Star….

    • Martin says:

      Of course not, at least not the paper version. Today’s testimony is going to be a joke. 4 hours wasn’t enough for the Ks. How can an hour be any where near enough for JT and KT. And I am sure all the Liberals will be spending their time patting them on the back just for showing up. That leaves half an hour each.

    • JH says:

      I’m surprised but really shouldn’t be, that the legacy media is not all over the story that the WE Cult boys hired a PI to investigate Jesse Brown of Canadaland and his children. I’m betting if it was one of their own they’d be all over it like flies on shite. But then again, it’s online outlets like Brown’s that are putting them out of biz.

  2. joe long says:

    I never knew how much money WE has received; approximately a half billion dollars! See donor list for USA in this tweet.


    Given WE’s behaviour in Canada, did any US politicians or their families get free trips, speaking fees, appearance fees, consulting fees, jobs, etc?

    Back to the $912 million program to help 100,000 students in Canada. 100,000 x $5000 per student = $500 million. Reports coming in that WE estimated only $200 to $300 million would actually be paid out to students. So what were the Liberal plans for the $400 to $700 million?

  3. I watched some of the “highlights” of the “Brothers Grim” performance at committee. They refused to directly answer questions they didn’t like, and instead just flat out prevaricated. Total contempt for everyone not on their team.

  4. Douglas W says:

    WE: details, keep getting worse.

    But will it hurt Justin?
    Will it impact the Liberal brand, in any significant way.
    I doubt it will.
    Which is why he’s not sweatin’ today’s appearance.

    Luckiest PM, ever !!!

  5. Joseph says:

    The MO of the current government to deal with these crises is to make a ritual sacrifice.
    I wonder if there are any of the more ambitious caucus members feeling nervous?

  6. Nasty Bob says:

    Was there any explanation about why the $$ were apparently going to the real estate arm of WE. Just speculation but put 900 mil into real estate / pay the students the 300 mil out of existing funds / sell the real estate portfolio post – COVID/ reimburse the 300 mil spent / give the 600 mil ( less Admim fees) back to the gov’t ….. Every increase of 1 % of property values = 9 mil profit ( not to mention any income from leases while in the hands of WE ) Anyway that’s what I’d do with 900 million free money – but- I didn’t watch – did anyone ask about why it was to be funnelled through real estate ?

  7. joe long says:

    Canadian law prohibits cabinet ministers and their families from accepting free trips and travel. But today Mr Trudeau said the Ethics Commissioner gave the OK for Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau to accept a free trip to London, paid for by WE.

    Trudeau, Morneau, and the Ethics Commissioner must resign.

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