05.07.2021 04:26 AM

CBC: “Maxime Bernier uttered racist slur about Jagmeet Singh”


  1. Funny, eh, almost all of us in the CPC don’t miss him.

    • Phil,

      You should stop being obsessed by the PPC’s polling numbers, or more particularly, lack thereof. No wonder you have at least one screw that is getting loose.

    • Phil in London says:

      Agreed, problem is CPC still too rife with Maxacolytes. A divided right would not be so bad if the core conservatives could be more centrist without inhaling all the bullshit of the progressive movement.
      I’d rather a Liberal government opposed by an effective and realistic alternative than one propped up by a mixed bag of greens and dippers and separatists who can bribe for support and that can’t bare the thought of a Conservative party full of crackpots leading the nation.
      Memo to Erin O’Toole (if even the right person to do the job) Bernier is a weed in a garden. You don’t get rid of dandelions without a lot of work

      • Erin knows this better than anyone else in the party. Frankly, the real O’Toole has consistently since his selection shown his true colours and thank God for that. No centre-right CPC, no decent shot at Trudeau and the Liberals. If it’s really only a three point lead for Team Trudeau, then things are developing quite nicely. Léger and Nanos are pretty much the best in town. The dumb-dumb PMO must be shitting their pants just about now. Election in September? Will they have the guts? We’ll see.

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