05.01.2021 07:38 PM

Me on the budget

…I wasn’t impressed.


  1. irreversible road map to freedom says:

    This was a balanced budget. There was bullshit everywhere.

    Jack Layton was a master of the pistols at dawn style of Parliamentary negotiation. Jagmeet doesn’t really seem to even be trying. Where’s the chest thumping? Where’s the emotion? Canadians expect a decent amount of meaningless hyperbole at budget time. Its just sigh… maybe next time…. We’ll bring the government down… I guess…. some day… if we have to.

    The NDP logo should be a white surrender flag planted in a pile of festering crocodile shit. But this would be very degrading… to crocodiles.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      So predictably, the NDP never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity. Jack was really all about being a realistic choice for government — not opposition. But the NDP prefers to strike breadcrumb deals with Liberals why they laugh all the way back to another mandate in office. Wake up Jagmeet and leave the breadcrumbing to the Bloc.

  2. Robert White says:

    Worst federal finance budget for inequality in the entire historiography of Canadian federal budgets bar none.
    Finance Minister Freeland’s delivery was perfectly fine, but Finance Canada sure gave her a dud of a budget IMHO.

    Freeland is an Oxford UK grad and knows better IMHO.

    She is acting like the worst Social Scientist ever to take control of Finance Canada bureaucracy.

    Economists & finance ministers are not supposed to practice anti-Social Science as professionals of the dismal science.

    Debt-to-GDP is over 50% in three years which will necessitate a Ratings Agency downgrade, and higher overhead costs for interest rate payments.

    None of this is sustainable.

    Keynesian Macroeconomics coupled with Modern Monetary Theory is a Zero Sum end game of irresponsibility and hyperinflation on the part of currency.

    BofC Governor Macklam is a finance laggard unprofessional.

    I’m not pleased either, Warren.


  3. Pedant says:

    The budget’s silence on the housing bubble was basically a massive “eff you” to young Canadians. If there is any rationality in this world it will prompt a massive brain drain of under-40s. The gap in government services between Canada the US is closing fast under Biden, while wages are much MUCH higher in the US. Why stay?

    • Robert White says:

      If they mention the housing bubble they will have to mention the magic central bank inflation fairy dust they just sprinkled all over Canada.

      Best not to mention magic inflation fairy dust as that’s a trade secret for Finance Canada bureaucrats.

      I fully agree with you on this, Pedant. If I was your age I would be furious & loaded for bear.


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