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Someone should be fired for this.


  1. Darrell says:


  2. Lipman says:

    It’s a shame that these types of events become symbols. Is it bad that as a Grit I still found this slightly amusing?

  3. Paul R. Martin says:

    Can it get any worse? Quite possibly as Warren is not organizing the bus tour.

    • allegra fortissima says:

      If Warren had organized this bus tour they’d still be on the road. In a reliable 4WD VW Bus called “Bully”, with an air-cooled engine!

      • Warren says:

        A 21-window Microbus, in fact. Two-tone, with California trim.

      • #562 says:

        As much as I often disagree with Warren…. I would have to admit if he planned the tour many stupid things would not occur for the liberals like bus breakdowns. The tiny details will always come back to haunt. Warren, I’m glad you’re not helping running the show. The liberals made a big mistake cutting you out of the loop…… and yes I am a conservative.

  4. steve gallagher says:

    Not to besmirch the rep and distinguished Deputy Party ‘Whip’
    but where was Pierre Lemiux when the bus broke down anyway?

    Sulphurous conniving in Hawkebury????

  5. Paul R. Martin says:

    Stanfield fumbled the football. Joe Who’s luggage got lost. Iggy’s bus broke down. Politics can be a contact sport and is not always fair to decent people who are ill suited for the job of leader of a national party. Renting a defective bus will be very hard to overcome, as it followed several other political mistakes.

  6. Andrew says:

    I can hear Bob Rae snickering somewhere in a corner…

  7. J. Coates says:

    Excretment happens. So what if a bus breaks down? Would everyone be happier if a plane had crashed?

    I was driving my gf into work the other day and I had a flat tire. The spare was missing. It seems she forgot it at Canadian Tire. From the rant I received this was my fault.

    • lance says:

      If a plane had crashed, the sympathy vote would have been off the charts. You do realize the goal here is votes, right?

      Your domestic example well explains the Canadian electorates intolerance to bad luck.

  8. ABobserver says:

    As an Albertan Conservative, I love it, however, after you get over the obvious giggle factor, you can’t blame Iffy or his organizers on this one… it is one of those “oh shit” moments that I am sure have happened to many.

    Now, if I was a liberal party organizer of this, I would have a LOT of words with the bus company as to maintenance etc.

    • TPQ says:

      You should be looking over your shoulder. Wild rose types are making Alberta Tories look pretty silly these days with federal Tories all running in different directions trying to support different factions and the opposition starting to wake up.

  9. Chris says:

    Looks bad but who do you fire for a bus breaking down?

    • MBDawg says:

      Exactly! Who exactly is in charge of Liberal party machine mechanics? Or do you “fire” the bus rental company and publicly shame them? Or, like when Dion did the Bat-cave video, do you fire the leader of the party? Hmmmmmm….. I think I figured out what Warren’s getting at.

  10. Catherine says:

    I may never vote again. To hell with the whole political arena.

  11. The Liberal Party of Canada clearly is cursed.

  12. Namesake says:

    There’s a way to make lemonade of this, yet:

    now he could sing a Tom (Petty)-in-cheek ‘Breakdown’ to humanize & endear (rather than alienating) himself to the fence-sitters…

    …in addition to a karaoke of “Real Wild Child” like I semi-seriously recommended before — http://warrenkinsella.com/2010/06/iggy-pop-is-god/#comment-4951 — which would actually kinda make sense to do bare-chested now that he’s on the summer BBQ circuit (there must be a pool amongst one of his stops).

  13. Mike Reintjes says:

    You once posted here something to the effect” If they start laughing at you, it’s over”

    Anyway GBH and the Black Donellys in London Tommorow night….see you there?

  14. Marc L says:

    Big deal. He has nothing to propose to Canadians anyways. Michael, forget the BBQ tour. Go write a Red Book.

  15. JStanton says:

    Someone should be fired all right – whomever concocted the idea of putting Mr. Ignatieff on a bus and driving around the country. What is the point? To connect with “ordinary people” in “small-town” Canada? And to be seen to be doing so by the press? Oh please.

    The more his handlers try to misrepresent him, the deeper the hole they dig for him. He is not “ordinary people”, and “ordinary people” know it, and will judge him harshly for being disingenuous. He is simply awkward around them, and the press underlines this whenever they can.

    By all means, parade him around at important functions in various parts of the country, but use commercial air carriers. Importantly, give him something to say that matters to people, and have him rehearse it before he speaks, rather than letting him free-lance.

    Most importantly, keep working on plan B.

  16. Wassup says:


    It’s high time you Liberals came back from the wilderness. As much as I hate to admit it, we, we, we.. need you man. We need an official opposition that knows where it stands on issues. Either merge with the NDP and come out of the closet as a proud leftest party, or start reclaiming the true definition of Liberal. Personally I think you have a great opportunity to reinvent your party as a post modern capital “L” for les…er… Liberal.

    You can do an end run around us Conservatives. We will always be burdened by our knuckle-dragging extreme Right Wing Social Policies. You are free to bypass all of us and offer Canadians a true “Liveral” economic model of low tax, libertarian style, efficiently run, outsourced government services that consume say 25% of GDP max.

    So what if 30% of your party members bolt for the NDP? You would command the high middle ground where ordinary Canadians are increasingly huddling, hoping someone will come along and free them from repressive taxation & government regulation.

  17. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Seesh. It’s called a backup bus. Excuse me now. Got to go and barf at such amateurism…


    I feel your pain.

  18. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    The truth be told: I’m only still at it because YOU’RE still at it…otherwise, I would chuck the whole goddamned thing.

  19. Brian says:

    Whatever happened to redundancy?

    It’s not a hard concept.

  20. Rocky says:

    I wouldn’t “hang crepe” just yet. Consider the journalist who wrote the piece. Ibbitson is blantantly for the Reformatories. Sheesh.

  21. eattv says:

    The thing about situations like this is, they tend to stick when a lot of baggage has already accumulated.

  22. Robbie says:

    Liberal bus was repaired at Harper’s Diesel in Cornwall. In my opinion, this is more ignominious than the actual roadside breakdown.


  23. Raymond says:

    Shades of Paul Martin’s hay wagon…

  24. Paul R. Martin says:

    If James Travers of the Toronto Star is correct, Iggy is planning his exit from politics. A nice job at the U of T is likely in his future after the next election. Perhaps that is why he wants a fall election.

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