10.23.2010 07:29 AM

MMM-momentum: McMahon Can

The sign you see all over the Beach, these days.

Bob Richardson and I did John Tory’s show yesterday afternoon, as a kind of wrap-up to the gruelling municipal election.

We genially disagreed on who will end being a winner and who will end up losing – Bob understandably felt one way about who will win the Mayor’s chair, John and I felt differently – but on one candidate we all agreed: Mary-Margaret McMahon is the only person who can (and should) defeat the detestable Sandra Bussin.

As I have suggested over the months/years – here and here and here – Bussin is easily one of the worst elected representatives I have ever encountered.  And that’s saying something.

Don’t split the oppositon and let the awful Sandra Bussin get in again: vote for Mary-Margaret.  She is a driven and decent person, and I cannot endorse her candidacy enough.  Bob and John feel likewise.

Go, MMM!


  1. Bob Murdoch says:

    I agree. I have lived and/or worked in the Beach Community for over 50 years and I think MMM is a breath of fresh air.

  2. IC says:

    Bruce Baker is supporting MMM – so says the TO Sun. Did you have anything to do with this Warren? 😉

  3. IC says:

    Bob – I emigrated here from England 11 years ago having been involved in the skulduggery of UK national politics before Blair imploded. As Warren says – and rightly so – Bussin’s self serving and condesending attitude is the worst I have ever seen on either side of Atlantic (perhaps Hazel Blears from the UK comes close).

    MMM deserves to win this hand down. Decent, human, funny, empathy, integrity by the shed load, driven and community focused – what more do you want from a local councillor anyway?

    If Bussin gets in, I’m moving.

  4. IC says:

    In the Beach – beside that well known non-organic chicken take-out joint, Bussin is resorting to using young uns with large placards at the street car stop. Unlike the MMM bandwagon which receives cheer upon cheer this poor lass has gotten so many fingers I lost count as I meandered with my Remarkable Bean (plug plug) coffee…

    Recent poll shows with Bruce Baker saying cheerio to elected office and tapping Mary-Margaret, she has a wafer then 3.x% over the devil incarnate.

    Every vote counts. Despite the weather – pretend you’re all Brits, get an umbrella and get out and do your democratic duty…If this was Oz, you wouldn’t have a choice!!

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