02.16.2011 02:25 PM

Observant/Consistent et al.

As regulars at this site know, Harry S = Nola = Moira = Walter Water = Justin B = Bud = Carlos = Consistent = Observant.  There are a multiplicity of other names.  In some cases, he is now appropriating the names of other, real, people.  Which is a criminal offence.

He comes to this site to spew venom and threats, and I try and delete him as often as possible.  To avoid detection, he unplugs his modem regularly – he’s in the 65.95.13*.*** range, always – and he’s persistent.  Last time a few of us focussed on him, he pledged to stay away, claiming he was “sick.” He hasn’t.

I want to get this guy, once and for all.  He’s a menace.  Who’s in?


  1. GritChik says:

    I believe he’s the same guy who’s the inspiration behind this post:

    Will dig up details and send to you.

  2. Namesake says:

    Betcha this was him again last night as ‘Babe Truth’:

    Did you / can you ask Garth Turner, his MP, whose site he ranted on as ‘Harry S’ for years, esp. after he crossed the floor? I bet he’s got a big, thick file on him with hate letters to his constituency office.

  3. Harith says:

    Well, it’s not that he unplugs his modem… it’s just with DSL you get a new IP assigned whenever it connects via PPPoE.

    No luck with contacting Bell? Keep track of the various IP adresses and plug them into http://www.infosniper.net/index.php?lang=1

  4. Derek Pearce says:

    Oops, posted at the old thread. Anyhow I’m curious if anyone knows if this guy goes by “Philanthropist” over at MacLeans. Wouldn’t surprise me.

  5. Jan says:

    This guy is an old pain in the ass from the Bourque board. You never want him to get your full name , email address or anything like that.

  6. hugger says:

    If it really is Harry S, then the best approach is to allow everyone to see what type of people the CPC attract. Real Conservatives will be ashamed.

    Let him post. It’s more fun than paintball.

  7. derek lipman says:

    I was on the receiving end of his nastiness quite a few times back in the bruising 08 campaign and it would be great to see him scooby doo’d.


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