03.05.2011 08:08 AM

Hudak and extremism

Tories trying to win support from South Asians in Ontario have opened the door to remnants of a Tamil Tiger front group the federal Conservatives themselves banned in 2008.

The unlikely association, forged behind a curtain of tough government talk about Tamil refugee ships and a feared terrorist migration to Canada last year, has developed since the Tigers’ separatist struggle was crushed by the Sri Lankan military in 2009.

Last month, Tim Hudak, Leader of Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives, announced Shan Thayaparan as his party’s candidate for Markham-Unionville. Mr. Thayaparan had helped run an election for a new Tamil separatist group, the National Council of Canadian Tamils (NCCT), whose key adviser, Nehru Gunaratnam, is a former spokesman for the outlawed World Tamil Movement.

Hudak is a hypocrite and a disgrace, of course, with all of his bleatings about law and order. Nothing new there.

But this latest Ontario PC disaster has me wondering: how will the new recruits, above, get along with Landowner and PC executive members like Edward Kennedy?

You know, the Hudak stalwart who calls non-whites rapists and “n****rs,” quote unquote?

Should make for interesting campaign rallies.

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