05.31.2011 06:25 AM

In today’s Sun: the NDP isn’t

The New Democratic Party — neither new nor democratic.

It’s true. Did you know the New Democrats have been calling themselves “new” for half a century? In the U.S., they might get jail time for that whopper. Down there, the Federal Trade Commission won’t let you call something “new” for more than six months. It’s against the law.

Up here, you can apparently call something “new” for five decades, and no one will take you to task for it. Federally, provincially, the NDP continue to insist they are “new.”

Given the fact I have been alive for almost exactly the same period of time, I insist everyone now start referring to me as “New Warren.” That, or “Young Warren.”

Also acceptable: “New, Young, and Strikingly Handsome With A Thick Head of Hair Warren.” If you’re 50-plus (or even less!), add the prefix “New” to your own name. It won’t be the least bit accurate, but perhaps it’ll make you feel better about yourself.


  1. Bill M. says:

    I think every party can be painted with this particular brush.

    Look at Harper, preaches fiscal conservatism with massive debt, smaller government by expanding it, free market survival by buying GM, and competition flourishes as he blocks Potash and won’t agree to US terms on letting Canadians bring home more goods from the US shopping trips. It seems that the Emperor’s “New” clothes are plain for all to see……except his base.

    And to provide equal time to my own party, I’ll say that the LPC escapes the “New” because by reaching back in time to put Bob Rae at the helm, the LPC is anything but “New”.

  2. Art says:

    That’s the best you got?

  3. Cath says:

    I think this column is a prelude to introducing a new-merged party – “New” Liberal Democrats. It’s not really about an outdated moniker is it?

  4. JStanton says:

    Well, the Conservative Party is neither “conservative”, or a “party”, but rather a one-man show that enables Mr. Harper’s opinions to be manifested, however arbitrary and inappropriate.

    The msm, however, doesn’t dare to take him on, lest they be denied access. Instead, they chase ambulances and focus on celebrities and shiny things.

    Mr. Layton and the NDP are not what journalists should be bothering with- they have yet to achieve anything as Opposition to be reported on.

    Why aren’t journalists holding Mr. Harper to account – for profligacy or for bat-shit crazy, non-science-based policy? And where exactly did the money go? The largest spending binge in history to create the largest debt, and all we hear is outrageous statements from Mr. Harper such as those telling us that the now profitable car companies get to keep the money we lent them, or that the always soon-to-be-delivered helicopters he negotiated for are no longer subject to late penalties, are costing vastly more than those of competitors’, and to top it off, that this the fault of the Liberals.

    The list is endless… easy pickings for any real journalist, yet no heavy lifting can be done by them, lest they lose their focus on the Royal dog-and-pony-show soon to come.


    • Bill M. says:

      Why aren’t journalists holding Mr. Harper to account ..


      Because 99.9% of the media are lazy.

      They’ve been spending 3 weeks writing about the supposed demise of the LPC because the house isn’t sitting. One shitbird in the Globe y’day seriously wrote an article about their being no buyer’s remorse based on a recent Harris poll…3 weeks after the election and the house hasn’t even sat.

      No questions on the issues that brought down the government (afghan detainee docs, costs related to prisons and jets)….those issues are still there.

      Lazy media can’t even be bothered to tell us what the percentage turnout was among youth voters….a story THEY trumpeted throughout the campaign.

      Harper now saying Afghanistan is not a threat to the world….you think anyone going to call him on it? Not in this Canada.

      • The Doctor says:

        Yes, the media is to blame for everything. If it weren’t for that lazy media, we’d have a huge Liberal majority, and mobs in the streets would be spontaneously tarring and feathering Conservatives. Fer shure.

      • Philip says:

        You were thinking of Bruce Anderson of Harris-Decima polling fame. As a loyal CPC water carrier and full time Harper fart catcher, Mr. Anderson is no doubt putting the final polish on his resume for future Senate vacancies. Watch for a Harris-Decima push poll saying that 98% of Canadians aren’t in favour of Senate reform. Just Mr. Anderson’s little way of easing The Leader’s burden.

  5. Michael Behiels says:

    Are the delegates at Harper’s Reformatory Convention also going to pass a Resolution claiming that Jack Layton’s ‘Bloquiste’ Québécois MPs are acting in a treasonous fashion?

    What will Harper do if they perform this dirty deed?

  6. Paul R Martin says:

    May I crash this conversation with some real news? A press conference has been called today to announce the return of NHL hockey to Winnipeg.

  7. CM says:

    Last time I looked they still call it New York. Perhaps someone should be jail for this, Warren?

  8. Transplanted Doerite says:

    Orange is the New Red.

    Just sayin’

  9. Harith says:

    The Liberal party hasn’t been truly Liberal in a while either, Warren.

  10. George W says:

    “But I guess that’s what happens when you are 50 years old, and insisting you’re still new: You start telling fibs about yourself.”

    Yes Warren, such a new perspective in this article. The LPC is so relevant and interesting. “Social progression” can be successfully paired with “corporate entitlement”. As for re-branding, one might suggest the more accurate “Neo-Liberal Party of Canada”.

  11. Craig Chamberlain says:

    The NEW Democratic Party hasn’t been part of what has worked and not worked in Canadian politics. Not at all. Outsiders TO IT ALL.

  12. eattv says:

    New or old, I still like ’em.

  13. Alice says:

    How about “re-invented”?

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