08.11.2011 03:50 PM

Harper, Ford and Hudak: bad things come in threes

Do you really want the same Conservative cabal running everything?


  1. Jim says:

    Excellent!! Where’s the 30 second version without the prose in the middle? The front/back end of this 60 second ad would make a very tight 30 second narrative!

    Beat that drum!!!

  2. Rick Thomson says:

    As much as I have a hard time liking Hudak’s platform I really dislike McGuinty’s track record. Health Care in this province is in free fall. Just try and get a family doctor. One walk-in clinicbwith one doctor, for roughly 30 thousand people in the Pembroke/ Petawawa area, What a joke. There will be no Liberal voted in from this riding.

    • Ted says:

      Since when does going from worst to first in the country in wait times count as “free fall”???

      There is a problem with the whole system, but Ontario’s health indicators show that we have not only made the best of it, we’re actually improving.

    • Attack! says:

      Uh-huh. Well, guess what: attracting physicians to rural and northern areas is a problem in EVERY part of Canada; given the nature of the training, they’re type-A people, who’ve invested tens of thousands in their decade long post-sec. education, and who command 6-figure salaries… and not a lot of them want to live in the boonies.

      So, what’s Hudak’s plan to fix that: to lead these independent horses to your backwaters?

      Oh, that’s right: spend more than $6-B a year on Health Care by the end of his term. Whoop-dee-do. Sorry, but he’ll be doing that no matter what happens, given both the aging of the pop. and how drug prices keep escalating.

      More specifically? “Encouraging doctors, nurses and physician assistants to work collaboratively in under-serviced areas to meet patient needs, and increasing residency placements for medical students from Ontario who have training outside Canada and want to return home to practice.”


      Um, sorry, but hardly a novel idea: all the provinces are doing that, in various ways: using various financial and tax inducements to poach doctors from cities, other provinces, and esp. other countries… to little avail, and at considerable cost to those other countries.

      Meanwhile, there HAVE been improvements in access to family physicians; StatCan has been tracking it (oops, better not say so: they’ll lose more funding and have to stop):

      Population over age 12 with a regular medical doctor in Ontario, by year:

      2005: 9,632,323
      2007: 9,818,031
      2008: 10,014,443
      2009: 10,201,468
      2010: 10,214,409


  3. M Lukas says:

    Awesome stuff. I’m very impressed with the LPO campaign so far.

  4. Tiger says:

    Doesn’t the PM have pretty good polling numbers in Ontario?

    • Ted says:

      Only compared to the federal opposition.

      He is not well-liked in the province and has benefitted from the Liberals and the Liberal leaders of late being even less well-liked.

      His successes have come from massive and focused efforts (eg. immigration, GTA) with huge amounts of spending on polling and targetting, and use of government resources for party support.

      Whenever he has merely dabbled, he’s shown he has no coattails. And usually worse. Eg. Quebec.

  5. ok says:

    The question for me

    If harper can cut benefit to poor and pension federally
    and Ford can do it munipaly in Toronto

    How come Dalton can save provincially

    they said majority of vote in ontario too

    then automatically they are directing what cut may done

    out of all
    crime is increasing in Toronto


    allow criminal steal from poor and from regular people

    or big businss steal business from small business

    that can be hard for Dalton to work one above and one below him are conservative and has sharp cut to what they can I think

    can be very confusing to people

    so many building for business for lease but not enough parking space next to it avaiable

    as air port road canada air line has several level parking this can built in city of toronto to able to park easy for customer and other businss government building that people can park their car transportation in toronto still is issue to so many people and too much parking ticket if you park it wrong or miss the limit of time

    I think president should not take side of ndp or liberal to fight them because he is doing like abuse of power he has high rank job in Canada and made fun of his comeptitors and his opposition he must be act more humble in his speech

  6. Mulletaur says:

    This sort of amateur hour crap does more harm than good. Conservatives produce professional ads which make an impact on voting intention in the way they want. Why can’t Liberals ?

  7. Sean says:

    sounds like PMSH had a few cold ones!

  8. Chris says:

    Does this mean that a third term for McGuinty would be a bad thing?

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