08.17.2011 08:14 AM

Hudak PC calls families “ridiculous”

First they disrupt a speech by a statesman like Bill Davis – and then they call families “ridiculous.”


“TORONTO – The Dalton McGuinty government is promising a Family Caregiver Leave that would allow Ontarians to take up to eight weeks off work to care for a sick or injured family member…

Tory MPP Jim Wilson said the premier provided scant details about his election-style promise…Wilson said: “It’s a ridiculous announcement if you ask me.”


Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think that families, and families caring for family members, is “ridiculous.”

Does Tim Hudak also consider families “ridiculous”?  And, while we’re at it, will he apologize to Bill Davis for sending our three of his candidates with HQ-prepared signage to disrupt a non-partisan event?


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    Mike B says:

    As someone who works in Long Term Care I can tell you that if people had the ability and support to care for their family members on their own, they would do so without hesitation. Why he would find a family member looking after another a family member who may be sick or, god forbid dying “ridiculous” is beyond me. The only thing I find “ridiculous” are the immature and inept members of the Ontario PC party.

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    Jan says:

    The boomer generation have aging parents at a time when they’re starting to have their own problems show up. Any help they can get to care for their family members is not only needed, but likely to save money.

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      MCBellecourt says:

      By caring for my elderly parents, I know beyond doubt I’ve already saved the system hundreds of thousands of dollars for each parent. Having lost my job, I could use a little help here.

      Ignatieff offered that help, and that’s when he got my attention and full support, gaffes notwithstanding.

      If Hudak were to call me and my parents ‘ridiculous’ to my face, he’d be wearing his ass for a hat in a flash, I assure you.

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    Sean says:

    Warren, I think Hudak ought to be pushed as to whether he approved the Davis nonsense. He ought to declare whether he has disciplined / fired his candidates / organiser(s) who made the call on this stunt.Davis

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    Nicole says:

    Since it is usually women who take the time to care for aging parents or sick family members, calling this “ridiculous” is not going to help Hudak with his “woman” problem.

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    Cath says:

    SURPRIZE! http://toronto.ctv.ca/servlet/an/local/CTVNews/20110817/ontario-ndp-horwath-teachers-election-110817/20110817?hub=TorontoNewHome

    Now where have we heard THIS promise before?

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    John says:

    What’s ridiculous, is that McGuinty has spent the province out of money, and now he’s making promises on someone elses’ dime….


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    iphone 5 release says:

    Jeesh, so much negativity! 🙁

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