08.26.2011 07:33 AM

Lifelong Tory: McGuinty “brilliant”

It’s an honour, I’d say, to receive the support of eminent Conservatives like Dr. Keon. And we therefore plan to keep working harder to get the support of even more Tories!


  1. Attack! says:

    And it looks like former Ontario Premier Bill Davis isn’t that far behind.

    At the scheduled BBQ for the local candidates this past weekend

    (at which he arrived “late …shortly after PC leader Tim Hudak left” — possibly because he was still annoyed by the embarrassing spectacle of the other candidates doing their little Senate Page Protest at his last public appearance, announcing the new hospital with the Liberal candidate http://warrenkinsella.com/2011/08/hudak-pcs-disrupt-bill-davis-speech/ )

    Davis urged Hudak not to go negative in the campaign, and,

    “said he doesn’t agree that Ontario has slipped to being a have-not province simply because it qualifies for federal equalization payments.

    ‘The equalization formula is so complex. The reality is that (Ontario) is still economically the best province. Just ask any new person coming to Canada — 50% of them come to the province of Ontario. Why? Because this is where they see the future….

    ‘In technical terms it may be a have-not, but in terms of opportunity and in terms of educational system, the health care system, I think we’re still Number 1.’ ”


    • Attack! says:

      maybe you’re right about the particulars of that shell game that is Equalization, but, jeepers, you sure sound like a hard-line Communist denouncing those previous leaders for not being pure enough Conservatives for your liking.

      For your evident distaste in helping your compatriots through taxation, you’ve long struck me as a CINO; except, it’s:

      Canadian In Name Only

      Please just move to the USA or some nightwatchman state of your idealization instead of trying so hard to make this country over in its mean-spirited image.

    • Cynical says:

      Only a person devoted to faith-based economics would characterize the sale of local energy to local consumers at more reasonable prices as a “deliberate loss of income”.
      They built it, they paid for it, yet it is somehow wrong that they benefit from it over time?

      At the end of the day, Canadians are a pragmatic lot, and will find a way around economic fundamentalism of any sort, whether of the right or the left.

    • frmr disgruntled Con, now Happy Lib says:

      Davis and Peter Lougheed red Tories through and through?…..thank God for that, Mr. Tulk!……..

  2. Bruce M says:

    Thanks for the link to the article.
    So, my understanding is that a Red Tory acting as a Chairman (ie king) of a Health Authority, does not want his empire touched and has announced his support of his political backer. All while at a reception for a massive $200M pre-election gift to the facility to which he dedicated his professional career. This was not “brilliant,” Dr. Keon, it was cynical.

    As a person requiring physio, I remember the de-listing of services just after the Health Tax was imposed.

  3. Cynical says:

    Good for Keon. I and thousands of others owe my life to him, either directly or indirectly. He’s forgotten more about health care than Mr. Hudak is capable of learning. He’s not a saint, but few are. His vision, leadership and drive gave the Ottawa region one of the best cardiac care environments in Canada. If he’s in favour of the LHIN as a management model, I’ll put my faith in him a long time before I would people like Mr. Hudak, who seems to know not much and be very proud of the fact.

    Ask Albertans how they feel about the elimination of the equivalent of LHINs in their province.

    Tim Hudak: Shallow all the way to the bottom.

    Greg in Gibsons

    • frmr disgruntled Con, now Happy Lib says:

      I agree with those sentiments, Greg…..my own father was saved by Dr, Keon when he had a major hear attack while visiting my brother in Ottawa……had he been in BC, he would have been a goner…..My father lived another ten years thanks to the good Dr…….

      I wonder if the good Dr’s pronouncement has caused much consternation(and perhaps broken furniture) at 24 Sussex…..one can only hope…….

  4. SF Thomas says:

    I have pretty similar concerns to what Dr. Keon is addressing actually. Given his rhetoric and a number of his election platform items, Hudak seems more focused on trying to tear down what the liberals have accomplished rather than offering an alternative and solid policy ideas. With the LHINs in particular even if there are some issues about expenditures or how they meet the LHINs have helped localize the decision making and allow for the people making the decisions to focus on the needs of their particular area. This is a better model than having disconnected, centralized decision making process and a one size fits all approach in Toronto. Hudak has not said anything about what will replace the LHINs, so my guess is likely a re-centralization of the health care bureaucracy. The other major concern I have is that with the LHINs the decisions about how health care funding and how it is distributed have finally become more consistent and normalized. It is much easier for the hospitals to work when they have that consistency and abruptly scrapping the LHINs would disrupt this pretty badly.

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