09.19.2011 12:51 PM

Report: The video Harper and Hudak wanted to kill

By Andy Radia | Canada Politics – 22 minutes ago
A YouTube video of Stephen Harper speaking at Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s summer barbeque is back on the Internet again. 

In the video, Harper calls for a Conservative hat-trick in Ontario saying, “We’ve cleaned up the left-wing mess federally in this area, Rob’s doing it municipally, and now we’ve got to complete the hat-trick and do it provincially as well.”

Apparently, Conservatives don’t want Canadians to see the video:

Every time the video has appeared on YouTube, it’s been taken down – at the request of the federal Conservatives.

The Toronto Star reported the Prime Minister’s Office placed calls to organizers as soon as the video went up in early August. Guest lists were sought in a bid to find who had posted it to YouTube and by the next morning, it was down.

A spokesperson for Harper would only say the video had been removed by the person who posted it.

The new version of the video, posted on Liberal insider Warren Kinsella’s blog, claims “the Prime Minister’s Office and Conservative party operatives hired lawyers to suppress the hat-trick video.

“Every time it shows up, the Conservatives sue and it gets taken down again,” notes text in the video.

In a column in the Hill-Times, Kinsella says Harper’s office doesn’t want Canadians to view the video because it could hurt the Ontario PCs’ chances in the upcoming provincial election.

“Harper’s remarks were a disaster,” he wrote

“The PMO scrambled, comically, to scrub the evidence from the Internet but it was too late. Ontario voters — female voters in particular — saw what he said, and they didn’t like it . . . Ontarions do not want the same wrecking crew running everything.”


  1. steve says:

    In the omnibus crime bill this will be addressed, mandatory minimums for anyone telling the truth about Conservatives.

  2. Richard says:

    Stephen Harper didn’t say anything about a hat trick. Stephen Harper never said anything about a hat trick.

    Meanwhile, Hudak and Hillier are really cutting loose at the Two Minutes’ Hate.

  3. lukeventura says:

    anybody got a working link to the video? Thanks.

  4. Glen says:

    Wow. So let me get this straight…some conservatives (Stephen Harper) are hoping other conservatives (Tim Hudak etc) will win the provincial election?

    Again, wow. I’m actually amazed this isn’t on the front page of every paper in the universe.

  5. frmr disgruntled Con, now extraordinarily happy Lib says:

    Its nice to see “Dear Leader” as one of the main engineers behind teabagTims campaign running off the rails…..the man is not infallible, as we can see….

    • MCBellecourt says:

      …and with Rob F.O.R.D. (stands for Found On Road Disoriented) on the other side of him, it does make for quite a “hat trick”…but, you know what they say, eh? Bad shit always happens in ‘threes’–or is it–


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