02.15.2013 08:29 AM

Happy birthday

I miss you.


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    Chris says:

    Great pic of your dad in the link – and man, pictures of people in cars looked so much cooler back then. Now it’s all grey fabric and plastic.

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    Danny Malone says:

    Seems to me, by this confession, you are following his rule of being honest…

    As your Father was a physician, I think at a fundamental level he would more than “like” you – after all, fighting for Universal Health Care – what Chretien and Martin fought to maintain against the laissez-faire mentalite of Reform/Al./Cons. – is the compassionate path. Also, as your Father was a Liberal, fighting against National Socialism on the right and Maoism/Marxism on the left is path of Freedom.

    As someone who has spent too long travelling through the often slimy underworld of politics, war, and other assorted human conflicts, I think it is somewhat inevitable to somehow end up feeling “cruel,” less than up to snuff, etc; it sounds like your Father would understand that too. Let these thorns of regret be the stick to polish away rough edges, and these fond memories be the light moving you forward.

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    Susan MacIsaac says:

    Oh Warren, this makes me very teary just like last year when you posted this tribute to your dad.

    You are courageous, your dad would admire you for that.

    You have a conscience which is evidenced by what you write about here. Clearly you get that from your dad.

    You have compassion for the folks who really need it and you are one of the few too many who actually do something about it. Your dad is smiling.

    You love your mum and your kids like crazy, just like your dad did.

    You have made mistakes, so did your dad. Rather than talking about them, he encouraged you and your brothers to learn from your mistakes and he provided the guidance you needed. He knows you have made mistakes but he also knows you’ve learned from them and are a role model for those wonderful kids of yours.

    Your dad is proud of you Warren, I would be too if I were him.

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    MikeLondon says:

    No matter what our age, the death of a parent is one of the most difficult and memorable experiences in life. My dad died 20 years ago, and I’m not sure I’ve ever really gotten over it. So anyway, I totally understand what you’re saying here.

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