02.25.2013 07:13 AM

Kingston politician to residents: I dont care what you think

Check this Kevin George guy out: he doesn’t like the results of that poll showing 60 per cent of Kingston voters oppose (most of them strongly) a casino. So he says the poll is wrong and, besides, council has decided the matter, and that’s that.



  1. vicernie says:

    In Surrey, British Columbia, the municipal government reversed an earlier position and turned down a casino because of strong local opposition. they didn’t need a pool; they knew their community. the only upset parties were the casino owners who stood to make millions, the provincial minister for gaming who tried to bully the council (a no no) and the head of the provincial gaming body who, as a civil servant, tried to influence the elected councilors. the mayor will be re-elected forever.

  2. Joe Harrington says:

    I recall a fat guy from Toronto saying things like that…what ever happened to that guy?

  3. Jim says:

    I’m a jerk.

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