03.28.2013 06:02 AM

An open letter to the John Oakley Show

Dear Oakley guys:

When I agreed to go on your show to discuss Rob Ford’s drinking problem, yesterday morning, you didn’t tell me Doug Ford would be on too.

No matter. When you brought him on, and he immediately started behaving like an idiot, I told him what a few million of us think of him.

I’ve asked you when that exchange was being posted on your web site – after all, you yesterday put up a clip of Doug Ford, but not me. You still have not responded.

Is there something you are afraid of? I’m sure that’s not the case.

Please put up the exchange, so I can share it with folks. They’re interested.

Increasingly, too, they’re also interested in whether you are protecting the Fords from being embarrassed.





  1. Monica says:


  2. Bruce A says:

    That’s really distrubing. For a country that brags about freedom of speech, thought and association, to have media outlets that scrub things out like it never happened. Of course, this practice also applies to Sun News itself, regarding Mr. Levant and his diatribe about the Roma. Slowly but surely the spinmeisters are taking control. When this happens I just assume that powerful people have intervened with something akin to polite coercion in regards to employment or advertising revenue. It’s all about image, perception and money. The heck with the public interest , actual discourse, not to mention reality.

    Joe Public needn’t be concerned as things will be taken care of with the best of intentions. As Billy Goat O’Reilly says, ‘we’re looking out for you’.

    Now to find a bucket.

  3. Michael S says:


  4. David Bronaugh says:

    Kinda reminds me of a certain right-of-center political party that promised openness and transparency — and instead delivered rigid rule from the top, stonewalling, and muzzling of government employees. Wondering if this is a right-wing -thing-…

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