04.25.2013 07:21 AM

Ipsos guru on the latest Ontario numbers

Quote unquote, with some minor edits for space.  John Wright, in the comments last night on wk.com:


  1. Michael Behiels says:

    Its the economy stupid!

    The polls confirm what has happened to the the hapless, floundering McGuinty Party over the past few years. McGuinty, when confronted by the Great Recession, lacked the imagination as to what had to be done to restructure Ontario’s economy for the 21st Century.

    The floundering and overly ambitious NDP can opt to shore up the Wynne government on condition that its focus be on the economy and jobs. Or the NDP, out of malice and spite, can join the Hudak austerity hawks execution gang to bring down the Wynne government and then watch Hudak win the election.

    Either way, things do not look good for the future of Ontarians and the Ontario economy.

    A minority government of any stripe, but especially the Hudak austerity hawks, will fuel the continued deterioration of Ontario’s economy and a rise in unemployment and under-employment.

    The only hope for a recovery in the fortunes of the Wynne Liberal government is for it to focus on the economy and jobs. Everything else in inconsequential. Without economic growth, government revenues will continue to decline in real terms and cuts will have to be made to health, social services, and education, the three big drivers of the budget deficit and the growing debt.

  2. John Wright says:

    Michael…you have insight…because what the Grit’s need is definition to win, something they don’t have right now, except for being nice people with a refreshing way of doing business…which has earned them third place, put them back to where they were right before the last Ontario election and with more (66%) of the public wanting a change than at any time in the last decade…

  3. Michael Behiels says:

    More proof that Ontario has to go big on stimulus to restructure Ontatio’s economy and create new jobs can be garnered by observing what is happening in the EU thanks to German imposed austerity on the PIGS.

    Spain today registers 26% unemployment, over 50% for 18-24 yr olds, and private investment in the economy has hot rock bottom.

    In short, no public investment at this juncture means very high long term unemployment and under employment. This will surely create a growing tide of social, ideological and political unrest resembling the 1920s and 1930s. We all know that such a socio-econimic terrible crisis led Spain into a civil war that endured for decades.

    Canada is not immune from this sort of outcome. It takes human agency and profound understanding of the forces at play in order for politicians to offer enlijghtened and forward looking governance to their citizens. If politicians keep serving their masters, the 1%ters, rather than the citizens that put them into power then it is possible and even probable that civil wars will ensue.

  4. Eric says:

    Hudak and his followers are a poor and pale reflection of Harris and the common sense revolution. The attempted comparison as insult doesn’t stick, because Hudak doesn’t have near the tenacity, vision or leadership that Harris did. Could you see the current head of the OPCYA as Foreign affairs minister or the current finance and health critics serving the same roles at the federal level?

    As pointed out, Hudak will not win because he has nowhere to grow. He has a small yet loyal core of support, and many who formally supported the party may just stay home.

  5. sue mcdonald says:

    well liberals got to go we are broke and they dot get it with all the scandals and money wasted its time for a change NDP will keep spending but i think Hudak has the best shot here he is doing much better and his policies are not bad he needs to focus some and work a little with NDP and this could work very well liberals are all corrupted by MCGuinty and they will continue on the same path im the boss and you will do as i say they don’t have a clue how to spend our tax dollars except to keep spending i’m going to give Hudak a chance he has a great team of mpp and i don’t think they will let us down

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