10.16.2013 07:48 AM

Hey, I haven’t been charged with “criminal libel” yet

Like someone promised I would be. I wonder what happened? I’d packed my toothbrush and everything.

Anyway, if Mr. Bourrie is successful in sending me to the slammer, I expect y’all to send me cards and letters, to help me pass the time in the big house.

Hell, you could send nice letters to Mr. Bourrie, too, while you’re at it.


  1. Michael S says:

    Dude is now stalking me on LinkedIn. He needs to learn that stalkers leave prints.

  2. Ridiculosity says:

    A mere coincidence that Mr. Bourrie’s mail provider is YAHOO? I think not..

  3. TimL says:

    Picturing a Blues Brother “JailHouse Rock” scene if you can get the other SFH guys in with you.

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