11.21.2013 06:49 AM

The Conservative Party of Canada is run by idiots: a continuing series

On the same day they circulate an unprecedented personal attack on my friend, Brandon-Souris Liberal candidate Rolf Dinsdale, that is written by Stephen Harper himself...

…Stephen Harper himself is identified in a sworn RCMP court document as being “good to go” on what the Mounties say is clearly a crime. Link here. Read it yourself.

Deploying Harper in a by-election – which he hasn’t even visited, not once – on the same day the cops place him at the centre of a crime. Wow.

You can’t make this shit up if you tried. It’s as crazy as Conservatives, say, encouraging Harper to consort with Crackhead Mayor.

Oh, wait.


  1. Tracey says:

    That’s another blog post you should write. Harper’s fall subway announcement with Rob Ford. At the time, you believed this was proof that the police had nothing on Ford. Thinking was, because no one would allow the PM to knowingly be tied to a man who was under police investigation. That the PMO/RCMP would at least vette any hint of trouble.

    This was a logical conclusion to think.

    Now it can be seen fully that the ego-driven malicious PMO ‘boys’ are not only control happy but blind, stupid and dangerously inept.

  2. Arnold Murphy says:

    Cheap shots is all the Conservatives can afford right now, its also another example of the integrity of Harper. At a time when he should be above board as possible, he is managing to find ways not unlike Mayor Ford of proving he wont change if given a chance.

  3. Brammer says:

    According to today’s Toronto Star, Wright stated on Wednesday that “…I acted within the scope of my duties and remain confident that my actions were lawful…” I suspect he is not going to remain quietly under the bus for much longer.

  4. The letter I got had my maiden name that I have not used since the spring of 2006. This shows how up to date the Conservative party is.

  5. .. thanks for the link to the source doc .. ie the RCMP filing ..

    I hope you noted in yesterday’s news ..
    that FOI (freedom of information) requests showed the NEB (the National Energy Board)
    in collusion with Stephen Harper, his PMO, the RCMP and CMIS and no doubt, the premiers of BC and Alberta
    spied on and collected ‘intelligence’ re any and all Canadians or pro environment entities
    concerned regarding the Northern Gateway Pipeline

    OK .. in fairness .. Mayor Ford & Nigel Wright revelations overwhelmed that news ..
    and informed us that our Prime Minister is insulated from his government operations
    to the extent that he has to watch TV .. to discover what he is doing.. or unaware of

    But.. Warren .. should we assume that Nigel Wright, Jenni Byrne, Ray Novak, Arthur Hamilton et al
    and dozens of other senior ‘people’ .. or ministers like Toews, Oliver, Kent, Flaherty, Clement
    decided (without informing Stephen Harper)
    that is was A-OK to subvert the Northern Gateway Pipeline Review ???

    Please search on Google .. Stephen Harper .. get informed
    NEB, Spying, Northern Gateway, Vancouver Observer
    Your droogs think concerned Canadians are tying to shut down the energy industry ..
    or visit this link ..

    And after consulting Arthur Hamilton .. or his stand in ..
    maybe explain, deny, skate or litigate ……
    and remind how very clear, the fact is.. that baseless smears .. umm

    Time to Resign — and spend time with your constituents – work on your next book ..

  6. Matt says:

    My understanding the “good to go” was in reference to having the Conservative party repay the money when they thought Duffy owed “only” $32,000. Not illegal, but I doubt CPC donors would be happy. The documents show Wright himself said Harper did not know about the $90,000 and knew only “in the broadest terms I was assisting Mr. Duffy repay the money” I don’t believe Harper knew about the $90,000, but I do believe he knew more than he says he did

    The documents also reveal Duffy wasn’t the poor victim being forced to accept the deal. They indicate Duffy and Wright were in negotiations for a while with Duffy having a list of demands including killing the audit. He was even concerned he’d have to pay income tax on the $90,000.

    I think LeBreton, Stewart-Olsen and the other Senator are in deep doo-doo.

    • VC says:

      You would do well to familiarize yourself with section 119 of the Criminal Code: it covers “offers” – both “directly or indirectly” – of which it appears that the CPC did for the amount of $32,000 as they were “good to go” on it. In contrast to what you say, that is actually illegal.

    • dave says:

      …seems a tad desperate…might hurt both Libs and Conservs…

      • smelter rat says:

        Not going to hurt the Liberals. Trust me.

      • Windsurfer says:

        This is as brutal as it gets in politics.

        Assassination on several fronts:

        Let’s see if the Brandon’ites are swayed.

        I’ve been to the town. Seems like ‘middle America’ so next Monday’s result is definitely up in the air.

  7. frmr disgruntled Con now happy Lib says:

    Im surprised the Cons haven’t hopped on the legalizing marijuana bandwagon already…….its a cash cow, just waiting for Mr. Harper and his coterie of spendthrifts to get their grasping hands on……http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/washington-state-approves-rules-for-taxed-marijuana-sales-1.2075482

    I look forward to a major policy shift by the Cons when the Washington and Colorado state programs prove this is indeed the way to go…..

    • Paul says:

      Mulcair will be PM before marijuana is legalized… wont be the conservatives to decide…

    • burlivespipe says:

      But you know the CONs modus operandi, aka income trusts, higher payroll tax, raising the retirement age… wait until after an election, go outside the country and then PM Yellowstripe tells the international media scrum that “it’s an urgent requirement that we’re addressing for Canadian taxpayers (ie Big Oil)…”
      Do as I say, not as I do, and especially don’t expect me to say much until I do it!

  8. Steven says:

    The Conservative brand in the Harper / Ford mold:

    Hypocritical lying liars who lie.

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