“Warren Kinsella's book, ‘Fight the Right: A Manual for Surviving the Coming Conservative Apocalypse,’ is of vital importance for American conservatives and other right-leaning individuals to read, learn and understand.”

- The Washington Times

“One of the best books of the year.”

- The Hill Times

“Justin Trudeau’s speech followed Mr. Kinsella’s playbook on beating conservatives chapter and verse...[He followed] the central theme of the Kinsella narrative: “Take back values. That’s what progressives need to do.”

- National Post

“[Kinsella] is a master when it comes to spinning and political planning...”

- George Stroumboulopoulos, CBC TV

“Kinsella pulls no punches in Fight The Right...Fight the Right accomplishes what it sets out to do – provide readers with a glimpse into the kinds of strategies that have made Conservatives successful and lay out a credible roadmap for progressive forces to regain power.”

- Elizabeth Thompson, iPolitics

“[Kinsella] deserves credit for writing this book, period... he is absolutely on the money...[Fight The Right] is well worth picking up.”

- Huffington Post

“Run, don't walk, to get this amazing book.”

- Mike Duncan, Classical 96 radio

“Fight the Right is very interesting and - for conservatives - very provocative.”

- Former Ontario Conservative leader John Tory

“His new book is great! All of his books are great!”

- Tommy Schnurmacher, CJAD

“I absolutely recommend this book.”

- Paul Wells, Maclean’s

“Kinsella puts the Left on the right track with new book!”

- Calgary Herald

Can you spot the white, millionaire, out-of-touch conservative?

Oh, wait.  All of them are.

“No man is rich enough to buy back his past.”
― Oscar Wilde

4 Responses to “Can you spot the white, millionaire, out-of-touch conservative?”

  1. sezme says:

    For some reason this reminds me of a Beatles song:

    “When the rain comes, they run and hide their heads. They might as well be dead. When the rain comes…”

    Anyhow, I predict a rainy October.

  2. Ian Howard says:

    Oh your just trying to goad him into running, to split the center right vote.

  3. e.a.f. says:

    the vast majority of conservatives are out of touch, regardless of ethnic background. Its why they keep getting re-elected People don’t want to hear the truth about their situation. Its so much easier to buy what is being sold to you by a millionaire.

    ‘A very long time ago some one told me a story about an election in Florida (at least 50 yrs go.). One was a very wealthy, less than honest individual and made no bones about it. Another person decided to run on a “clean” platform–honest, no graft, drove a Volvo, etc. The less than honest one won. His position, do you want to elect a guy who can’t get rich and is still driving a Volvo or do you want to elect a success.

    iTS JUST ONE of the reasons I’m not always sold on the electorate doing the “right thing” for even themselves. It why politicians have spin doctors.

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