05.23.2014 08:08 AM

Hey, Public Safety and RCMP: do I scare you?


“Bureaucrats, for example, bumped around a copy of a head-scratching open letter posted by Sun columnist Warren Kinsella on his blog. In it, he calls on Anonymous to get involved by attacking the Nova Scotia NDP or the RCMP.

Just the same, Public Safety passed it around internally, and then sent it to the RCMP. In one particularly telling exchange from the bureaucrats, one staffer emails the other to ask if they’ve “been following the news about Anonymous’ rampage,” and wonders “what can be done to stop such embarrassing attacks?” They note it was the lead story on CBC’s The National.”

Link here.

I’m suspicious about the source – Ling is a proven ding-a-ling, in my view – but I have to say that, if true, this little snippet makes me happy.  Any day this web site makes Public Safety and RCMP elf lords nervous is a good day.




  1. Arnold Murphy says:

    Anonymous Rampage, lol Is that what they call it when they get caught not doing their job and it get’s aired openly? If they think that is a rampage, they better buckle up. Its certain that the crew who hide in plain site, walk among us, known only as anonymous has far more information to spread. With the government leaving back doors open on their own equipment, sending routers with “enhanced” NSA features, which by the way anyone with enough knowledge can crack open, to all of their departments. No wonder they did not want Huawei to sell Canada networking equipment, they did not want to lose their ears. Right now, Canada has no secrets, or it should assume so. The further release of information will not be incited by fishing attempts, anonymous is too subtle for that, they consider their moves. I can see though that the upcoming elections in the U.S. and Canada and Britain will be targeted times for release of pertinent information. The fact is that there are currently several projects aimed at circumventing the Internet completely, among them a citizens band internet a packet radio driven network because the kill switch is also ready to shut down the Internet. But, you can’t shut down the Internet forever, nor can you watch every single node to ensure a time capsule is not released from a dead man’s switch. It’s a game of cat and mouse, but the mice outnumber the cats and certainly are far more secure than the cats because the cats cannot choose the time and place and cannot get into the small cracks that mice fit into. All they can do is guard the fridge and cupboards, unfortunately for them they were too busy looting the pantry themselves in foreign domains and at home to notice the mice were following them and picking up the crumbs. You learn a lot from cookie crumbs, a lot from watching and a lot from emulating. What can be expected, is the unexpected. Anonymous expects to be found out, even expects to be tried in a public court and I imagine has a plan to make sure that as they are tried or those among them sacrificed for trial, their defence will be mounted through public releases, unstoppable. We will never see the likes of Harry Tuttle come forward though, what we will see are more Mannings, Snowdens, Assanges and from every country in the world. When anonymous comes forward, it will be to pull the curtain down and expose the wizards for what they are and embarrassment will not be the agenda, it will be a new world order but not the one planned and executed by those who thought they could control every aspect of Human life.

  2. smelter rat says:

    If any of us aren’t on a gov’t watch list by now, shame on you. Try harder.

  3. Just askin' says:

    I fail to see how reading publicly-available information could be considered “snooping” but maybe that’s just me. I also fail to see why Ling seems to assume that “bureaucrats” exclusively send formal email messages to one another. Ding-a-ling is right.

    • po'd says:

      I’m thinking maybe they could find things more worthy of their taxpayer paid salaries and benefits to do with themselves, but maybe that’s just me. It’s not like Harper and his lot listen to critics, or common sense for that matter. But they have lists! Data bases too.

  4. Tiger says:

    What I don’t get? That letter was urging Anonymous to go after the perpetrators, not the RCMP or the government. (Which they then did, and good on them for that.)

    The RCMP and government apparently read it differently?

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