09.16.2014 08:06 AM

John Tory’s attacks on a hospitalized Rob Ford remind me of something

According to the Toronto Sun – and is well-known in political circles – Rob Ford is quite sick.

Despite that, John Tory continues to attack Rob Ford, who isn’t even his opponent anymore. ┬áTory says the bedridden Rob Ford is a “circus act,” and so on.

I’m not backing anyone in the mayor’s race. But, whether you like Rob Ford or not, going after him while he’s so sick – as I’ve written before – is disgraceful.

And it reminds me of something else John Tory did, too, and for which he’s never apologized. ┬áCheck this out, particularly around the 2:15 mark.

That’s sick.


  1. MgS says:

    Okay, you’ve demonstrated that Tory’s political instincts in the early 90s were lousy and he isn’t exactly a paragon of consistency where RoFo is concerned.

    I think more important are where he stands on the policy issues. Something has to be driving his position in the polling numbers lately.

  2. smelter rat says:

    I’ll wait for a more credible source than the Sun before believing anything about Ford’s illness.

  3. Matt says:

    Especially when it was learned yesterday doctors have taken a biopsy of a mass in his lungs. That ain’t good.

  4. Matt says:

    You’re not the only one making the connection between what Tory’s doing now to Rob/Doug and the Chretien ad.

    Charles McVety of all people ripped Tory:

    “I am appalled that while Mayor Rob Ford lies waiting in hospital fearing for his life, John Tory holds a press conference with Jaye Robinson complaining “the pattern continues of circus acts” This appears cold and callus and eeirly similar to the cruel attack on Jean Chretien’s facial impediment.

    Concern for life and death should trump political machinations.”

  5. Bill From Willowdale says:

    Poor Olivia Chow. She’s relegated to attacking John Tory who has double her support in polls.

    • Warren says:

      She was attacking him when she was ahead, too.

      Anyway – what she does is what she does. I’m doing what I’m doing, all on my own.

      • Bill From Willowdale says:

        It’s about time she is attacking him. I was wondering how long it would take someone to bring to her attention that the City property from the long dead Richview Expressway had been sold off. You can’t build a surface subway for $7 billion if you have to expropriate thousands of properties. It’s not popular either. Now she has to get rid of the “feel good” ads and replace them with something to undermine her opponents. Who’s managing her campaign awnyway – JS?

        • Houland Wolfe says:

          The question is whether OC can unleash her inner killer, an instinct that comes more naturally to right-wingers. We need some anger and righteousness, else Tory wins and delivers a Ford-lite agenda.

  6. EB says:

    I’m sorry, but what I find appalling and disgraceful is the Fords, both of them. Rob Ford is still in the ‘race’ in that he now stands as a candidate as a councillor. From that point of view, the circus just goes on, and on, and on. The Fords are not even decent enough to acknowledge the seriousness of Rob’s situation and realize that 100% of their attention should be focused on Rob’s health. And of course, needless to say, if Rob wins in ward 2, and is unfit to continue, then we are forced into the expense of a by-election.

    Someone should make sure they get a hold of some of that biopsy sample and put it in a petri dish to study. We need someone to study that and search for a cure for Forditis. Toronto needs to be inoculated against these fools from ever coming back.

  7. Matt says:

    Warren, I had a chat today with someone you may know, initials D.S. He was involved in the Helena Geurgis case in Ottawa, and was even breifly named as a defendant in her lawsuit.

    Anyway, his sources are telling him Rob has cancer that has spread far beyond the initial tumour, and has already received radiation treatments.

    Doctors are supposed to be holding a news conference sometime tomorrow to provide an update.

  8. Steve T says:

    In my view, Rob Ford’s political record is still fair game, since clearly Doug Ford is looking to piggyback on the existing Rob Ford supporters. Sympathy for Rob Ford’s medical situation should not prevent anyone from criticizing his time as mayor.

    What isn’t fair game, or appropriate, is to use ad-hominem attacks like “a circus act”. Set out the specific criticisms of Rob Ford, and Doug Ford, from a purely policy and political point of view.

  9. WIF says:

    While years ago I’ve voted for John Tory in provincial election, thanks to the Internet, youtube and Newstalk1010 where he used to work, I learned that he is no conservative but a common a$$hole with liberal leanings. Voting for something like that would tell a lot about Toronto population. Personally, I like Fords, but I would vote for Olivia C. before I would give any consideration to this drone with neither class nor ethics

  10. BrianK says:

    Seriously? Calling the entire Ford saga a “circus” is pretty darn mild as attacks go. Tory has been very clear that, on a personal level, he wishes Rob all the best, but he’s still going to campaign against the Ford agenda. Most voters can tell the difference between a political attack and a personal attack, and Tory hasn’t come even close to crossing the line. If the issue is whether even a political attack is appropriate under the circumstances, the Fords have chosen to remain in the fray despite everything going on. They didn’t have to do that. Doug, in particular, could have chosen privacy. If Ipsos is to be believed, Doug is polling between 25-30%, similar to Rob. He is a competitive candidate for mayor, and the election is 6 weeks away. Tory is absolutely right to criticize Doug as a political candidate, because that’s what Doug has chosen to be. The Fords have made this situation political by virtue of their absolute refusal to exit the race and make Rob’s health the family’s only priority. No decent person wishes Rob anything but a speedy recovery, but Rob’s health and Doug’s mayoral candidacy are two totally separate things.

  11. WIF says:

    Doe not change the fact that Tory is a snotty a$$hole with neither class nor ethics. Under his leadership I was constantly by Rogers and had to call every month to correct it. As by miracle situation got better after he left…. go figure. There must be a reason he never won an election.

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