09.13.2015 09:45 AM

KCCCC Day 42: the return of JC


  • Le petit gars is back! Why? Well, you can’t call an election and expect him not to show up, can you?
  • So he’s swinging at the Tories: Right here.
  • And he’s swinging at the Dippers too: Right here.
  • He’s actually not saying anything he hasn’t said before. On these two criticisms, believe me – he means it. 
  • So how do the recipients of his criticisms react? Well, the Tories, I can tell you, secretly admire the old guy. They – from Harper down – have always admired his toughness and decisiveness. 
  • The Dippers, meanwhile, are like they always are. That is, they are sucky, whiny babies. They are, as I’ve written many times before, pious and humourless  windbags who always prefer talking to doing. Just watch how they react to any critique, no matter how merited: they can’t take it. When that idiot NDP candidate out in Alberta started enthusiastically courting the crucial Bloods and Crips vote, here, they didn’t ask themselves: Hey, should we keep this candidate? No, they excoriated anyone who even dared to raise the subject. 
  • Thus, JC today: The Cons are receiving his blasts with equanimity. The Dips? They’re pathetically digging up stuff from 15 years ago. Like I say: sucky, whiny babies. 


  1. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    This is the most important splash of the campaign. Nothing else comes even close. And it will be very influential in English Canada, perhaps accelerating the rate that Liberals likely pull ahead of the other parties.

    • davie says:

      Liberals have been creeping up in the polls, but I thought it was JT’s steady work campaigning.
      But, you may be right, bringing in people from the past, like Paul Martin, might be helping. Now, bringing in Chretien might help even more. Not sure what other Liberal hot shots from the past they might bring in to play. Having Chretien and Martin chime in is likely being done to show the the Liberals are united again.
      Who was that guy that Chretien gave the Denmark embassy appointment to? Maybe he could be of some help.

    • John from Saskatoon says:

      Easy Tory attack(truth) ad. Picture of Cretien, Trudeau and Gomery. Snippets of Adscam stuff. Don’t think people have forgotten that and who was in charge.

  2. Gord says:

    Of course, with the high probability of a minority government by someone then all promises are immediately off the table. Maybe the dips are brighter than they appear…..or am I giving them too much credit.

  3. Joe says:

    What Paulie wasn’t cutting the mustard?

  4. JH says:

    The problem is Trudeau needs help in Quebec and Mr. Chretien can’t do anything much for him outside of the cities and they are not enough to counter dipper votes.
    BTW The Cons continue their growth, Nanos has them up to 32% and leading this AM. What say you WK is there a trend developing as we enter the final month or so? I’m not knowledgeable enough to be able to judge that.

  5. KBab says:

    I’m heading out soon to see JC in the Hammer, and I don’t Jean Charest.

  6. Jon Evan says:

    Pacifists like JC like to bring up the Iraq war and say see!
    But sorry, JC can’t predict what would have happened in Iraq down the road if that mad dictator was left in charge. A situation far worse than the present could have developed then just the gassing of the Kurds! No one can really say not even JC. That would be arrogance.

    • DougM says:

      I disagree with most of what JC said in that article and I am no fan of the UN. But Iraq? Iraq was the biggest mistake since the Vietnam war! Perhaps an even bigger one.

      As an aside, despite being a Conservative, I was quite proud to be Canadian when PM Chrétien choked out that protester that got in his face himself rather than relying on security to deal with it.

    • cynical says:

      No it isn’t. It’s historical observation and Occam’s Razor at work.
      Following the US into a war has almost always been a bad idea.

    • Jason says:

      worse than ISIL? Staying out of Iraq was one of JC’s best calls.

    • Mike says:

      When Saddam was doing the West’s bidding we didn’t seem to have a problem with him gassing Kurds, or other atrocities. When he out lived his usefulness all of the sudden he became a blood thristy dictator that had to be stopped. Funny that.

    • Domenico says:

      Far worse than the present situation? It can’t get much worse, let alone far worse.

    • Bluegreenblogger says:

      In what universe does an alternate scenario exist that is worse than what happened? What’s more, it WAS entirely predictable that a conquered Iraq is ungovernable by an occupying force. Chretien’s response was truly excellent. In essence he agreed that WMD were bad things, and that as soon as the USA proved their contentions at the UN, Canada would help spank the rascal. By that time, Powells travelling road show was quite clearly a tissue of fabrications that Powell himself clearly did not believe. Chretien hit precisely the right tone. History has proven him correct.

    • Tim White says:

      Whoa. That’s one hell of a talking point.

  7. Joe says:

    Well I suppose if Jean does as much good for Justin as Paul and Kathleen they could always dig up Justin’s dad. Personally I think elder statesmen are best when they stay above the fray.

  8. Al in Cranbrook says:

    The latest Ekos poll may be revealing…

    CPC – 31.8%
    NDP – 29.6%
    LPC – 26.9%


    Quote: “It would appear that debate over Canada’s response to the crisis in Syria has not hurt – but rather helped – Mr. Harper. This may end up not being true, but to this point in time we see that Mr. Harper has consolidated – and possibly grown – his base. At the current numbers, the Conservatives could easily win a minority despite being at 32 points. Reading media accounts and media polling, this would seem to be paradoxical. However, both give a flawed impression of Conservative prospects. The party has serious challenges but they are more than hanging in. Students of electoral history should note from the graph below that the Conservatives are now just a few points from where they were in 2011 at this stage of the campaign, which resulted in a (surprising) majority victory.”

    Here’s the thing about this…

    There’s always the flip side to any debate or event.

    I’d suggest that as much as half the country is not on this same page as the left and the MSM regarding refugees.

    Security issues, real or imagined, are about to become a central focus of this election, and the proverbial silent majority may have its final say on election day.

  9. Jim Walsh says:

    Who is really going to pay attention to Jean Chretien? Conservatives? Not really. NDP? No. Martin Liberals?

    Nice of him to stop by and all….. The Chretien legacy was hardly overwhelmingly positive for the Liberals. I am not sure the Liberals of 2015 want a close association with the Liberals of ADSCAM.

    • ralphonso says:

      Yeah I’m kinda on the fence.

      On one hand, that guy is so likeable and he really contrasts PM style with Harper and Mulcair. Who wouldn’t want to hang out with this guy?

      But on the other hand, I’m not sure the public still has the same feelings for him today as do people inside the party. Look, I love the guy for being such a winner (helped by his team of course!) but a lot of people see him as the guy who won at all costs, costs including pretty much everything he promised to do. I mean, the country almost split on his watch and Martin made cuts that would make Harris blush. He makes up for it on Iraq and I know the Clarity Act still gets some of us excited, but I don’t know that having Chrétien around really delivers that much of a net positive.

  10. JonT says:

    So, Warren, it begs the question: Assuming the elections results give nobody a majority but the NDP has slightly more seats than the second place Cons and the Libs hold the balance of power……. would you object to a Lib-Con coalition to lock out the quasi-socialist Dippers led by an ex-Liberal? Harper will still have first dibs to govern if he can convince the GG that he will have the support of the HoCs, while any NDP government would fall immediately and another snap election.

    Harper might continue as PM if he got assurances from the Libs that they will prop up his minority government to deny the Dips getting their slimy socialist paws on the Ottawa levers of power.

    After all, the Libs and Cons are both capitalist parties and to let a quasi-socialist bunch of yahoos have a chance to govern with the support of the Justin Liberals would likely destabilize the LPC and cause it to split politically into Red versus Blue Grits.

  11. Ridiculosity says:

    Powerful, emotional speech by M. Chretien this afternoon.

    His disgust with both Harper and Mulcair was evident – as it should be.

    Unity, inclusiveness, compassion and generosity are some of the traits that have made Canada great.

    To turn back the clock at this juncture in our country’s history by electing those who hope to capitalize on dividing us, would be an enormous tragedy.

    Vive le Canada!

  12. Elisabeth Lindsay says:

    Tough and decisive beats the mushy middle every……single…..time.

  13. pod says:

    I still “MISS That MAN”

    JC is still the TRUTH MASTER of politics and we all miss Him.

    Libs on the way UP.

    Dippers – on the way Down, (Who are these people?)

    Cons – Tired and have been put at Hold.

  14. Eric Weiss says:

    JC was the last LPC leader worth casting a vote for.

  15. pod says:

    Just did the complete play of Jean and Justin speeches.
    This was like the good OLD Liberal days.

    NDP- Dictator Angry Tom will have to answer to it all now. Merci Jean.

    The “Just Not Ready” stuff was answered by the Master JC in the usual skillful way.
    Harper will be gone this time.

    What a guy-Still the Best.

    Merci Ti Jean

  16. The more Jean Chretien talks, the more it helps us in Quebec. Here’s the problem the Liberals are facing: progressives can’t win in Canada without Quebec. So the best they can do is preventing the NDP from forming government… thereby helping Stephen Harper. Soon the ROC will awaken to this reality, and the support for Liberals in Ontario will drop. Maybe some dippers are pious and humourless. Most of us -including me- are having a lot of fun and are very excited about this campaign. Just watch us! 🙂

  17. doconnor says:

    It’s the Liberals who can’t take criticism from the NOP. Calling us babies. Claiming there is an NDP-Conserative alliance to destroy the Liberals based on an NDP ad that attacks the Liberals in one sentence and spends the rest attacking Conservatives. Blaming Layton for forcing an election a couple months early because of what they failed to do for the ten previous years in office and what they failed to do in the ten years since.

    When Muclair pulls out the memory of Layton in the last few days of the election to help push the NDP over the top (the top of what it is too early to say) are the Liberals going to be all respectful or are they going to remind people his issues.

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