10.13.2015 12:37 PM

Dear Nepean voters: your NDP candidate is a disgrace (updated)

Last week Oshawa, this week Nepean.  Wow.

The NDP candidate in Nepean – a guy named Sean Devine – retweeted on October 4 the graphic below, actually comparing the Conservatives to the Nazis, complete with swastikas and all that. It is still up on his Twitter feed.

As before, it is Liberals who brought this to my attention, not Conservatives.  Liberals want to win, but they won’t stoop as low as certain NDP candidate are (increasingly) doing.  Just gross.


UPDATE: And just like that – poof! @DevineSean’s Twitter account has been vanished! Good thing for Sean that not one of us knows how to do screen caps!


  1. Jack D says:

    With each day passing on towards e-day, the Dippers get more and more desperate.

    Just make up math, fabricate stories, lie to voters, misrepresent reality and scrape the bottom of the barrel for cheap political ploys –this is the NDP of election 42, this is the NDP of Thomas Mulcair.

    Slipping into utter irrelevance in the polls has really brought out the dark side in the “social democrats” of Canada. I’m appalled to find they get any coverage whatsoever in the media at this point. Its almost like yielding to the tantrums of a petulant child who can’t seem to get their way.

    Oh how thin the veil of self-righteousness and sanctimony really was.

  2. Alex says:

    This is gross (and I say this as someone who voted NDP in Ottawa Centre). Luckily, Sean Devine has zero chance of winning. My gut tells me that this riding goes Liberal on October 19, thereby depriving Harper of another seat in Ottawa.

  3. MF says:

    This, coming from the party of the “Leap Manifesto”

  4. The Doctor says:

    That graphic has definitely been making the rounds on facebook.

    Today in HDS, one of my fb friends claimed that conservatives never ever read newspapers or watch the evening news, and thus have no idea of what’s going on in Canada. This would be news to my Dad, who religiously devours newspapers and watches t
    The National every night.

    • Bart F. says:

      Yes, the “leftists are more intelligent” trope is a true golden oldie. Odd though, the left never seems to rule for a particularly high percentage of the time given their superior intelligence scores.

      As for the subject at hand people like Devine think they are scoring points. As a conservative leaner it only reminds me that the NDP is where the real rage-against-the-machine-wack-jobs reside and that if I had to pick a second it would be the Liberals.

  5. MississaugaPeter says:

    Often repeated NDP Communication Strategy:

    Tweet offensively. Request Mulcair’s forgiveness. Get absolution from Mulcair. Carry on.

    I guess since Mulcair has facial hair …

  6. cassandra says:

    I wonder if Lynton Crosby is moonlighting as an NDP advisor now???

  7. doconnor says:

    I’m in the process of watching Judgment at Nuremberg (1961) which is about the trail of German judges for their actions in the 1930s, years before the war and the Holocaust.

    The point was that they tolerated the sacrifices of the rights of some for what they believed to be the good of nation.

    There are parallels to what happened back then. The Conservative campaign, too large degree, has been around the fear of Muslims with the face covering ban, refugee security fears, cultural practice hot line, ISIS fear mongering, and the remarkable lack of other major policy proposals. Their proposals haven’t been as extreme as the Nuremberg Laws or even Republican candidates down in the US, but how extreme the proposals are doesn’t matter. The Nazis didn’t start with the Holocaust and didn’t decide to proceed until late in the war.

    The degree of the hate and fear is different, the target is different and the endpoint will be different, but the Conservatives are using the same methods as the Nazis to gain power. The Nazis weren’t the first to do it and the Conservatives won’t be the last to do it, but it is incumbent on us to not accept their tactics.

    • Lance says:

      …………but the Conservatives are using the same methods as the Nazis to gain power.

      Oh, good grief. :eyeroll:

    • The Doctor says:

      doconnor: Get some therapy for your HDS. “How extreme the proposals are doesn’t matter.”. Umm, actually it does matter.

      The fact is, we have judges flatly rejecting and disagreeing with Harper government positions all the time — look at the judges who are slapping down the minimum sentencing laws, to take just one example. Your post is utterly daft.

      • KBab says:

        Doconnor’s post is not utterly daft. We are the beneficiaries of a strong judicial system backed by the Charter. This has been the firewall Harper can’t break through. With 5 more years of rule he might be able to assail it. Hope he doesn’t get that chance. He sure doesn’t deserve it.

        • The Doctor says:

          Look, you can’t have it both ways — you can’t assert that we have a strong, independent judiciary and then in the next breath claim that Harper has turned us into Nazi Germany version 2.0 (or that we’re in imminent danger of that happening). Pick a door.

        • MF says:

          KBab, your claim doesn’t make any sense. 7 of the 9 Supreme Court justices were appointed by Harper. 6 while he had a majority. If he wanted to rig the court, he would have already done so. No reasonable person believes the hidden agenda nonsense any more.

  8. Ted H says:

    Well comparing any democratic party to the Nazi is hyperbole to say the least, but if the shoe fits wear it and this particular Con policy does get a toe in there.

    • The Doctor says:

      Yeah – because a law that’s aimed at stamping out female genital mutilation is essentially the same as a law that made it illegal to speak wrongly of, or criticize, a regime and its leaders.

      • Ted H says:

        C’mon doc, you know better than that. Reporting of such an intimate act as female genital mutilation is hardly something a neighbour could possibly do and besides that is an extreme and probably very rare incident in Canada. I think our health care providers would have something to say as well. Bringing that up seems typical conservative hyperbole to me. The main thing is that Harper’s government is encouraging people to squeal on their neighbours for even a perception, something that is typical for totalitarian governments and typical of the undercurrent of racism they harbour. It’s a slippery slope and the Cons are dancing close to the edge, don’t try to pretend they aren’t.

  9. Kelly says:

    I sense panic in select NDP ranks.

    • MississaugaPeter says:

      It sucks if you are a NDP candidate who thought they would run the wave like many NDP MPs did in 2011. It sucks that at the start of the campaign you think you are going to win, and now, the bottom has fallen out.

      • Vancouverois says:

        Sure, it sucks. But if you can’t handle it with at least a modicum of grace, you’re only proving that the voters are right not to trust you.

        Besides; in this case, no amount of disappointment can possibly justify Mr Devine’s offensive comparison.

  10. Justin says:

    That or he’s pretty good at being a political troll.

  11. Raj says:

    So you are appalled by an individual candidate re-tweeting this, but not by the main Conservative campaign trotting out “barbaric cultural practices” as an obvious dog whistle? I don’t get it.

  12. Joe says:

    The question always is ‘how much evil do you have to engage in to prevent a greater evil from occurring’.

  13. Steve T says:

    Wanna see what an NDP federal government will bring? Just have a look at my home province of Manitoba, or the Liberals-who-act-like-NDP in Ontario:


  14. P Brenn says:

    more idiocy….the original tweet from CrippledU – he/she major hater ..scary stuff

  15. Ryan says:

    Speaking of a disgrace, the Conservative M.P. for Oakville, Terence Young, stated in his closing remarks at a debate sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, that Justin Trudeau would mandate brothels, the selling of women, and the building of marijuana stores and drug injection sites in Oakville which would depress property values. His remarks were met by laughter from many in attendance. The Green Party candidate followed him and could only say, “Wow!” in response to Young’s closing comments. The debate was televised and Young’s pathetic attempt to fear monger can be seen at the 2:20:00 mark of the debate:


  16. patrick says:

    According to wikipedia, so it’s absolutely and totally true:

    1) The Malicious Practices Act was a desperate measure introduced to rid the German state of its ‘oppressors’ and ‘enemies’.

    2) In particular, the Nazi state imposed new legislation that made it illegal to speak wrongly of, or criticise the regime and its leaders. The two key guidelines were that of Protective Custody and Preventative Custody. Preventative Custody was aimed at the undesirables within society, for example paupers, homosexuals and Jews.

    3) “…those to be considered A-Social are persons who demonstrate through behaviour towards the community, when may not in itself be criminal, that they will not adopt themselves to the community.

    “Malicious – Barbaric, Undesirables – Muslims, Non adaptation – Niqab…..tomato / tomato

    Or, how about
    Internal Security Act of 1950 also known as the Subversive Activities Control Act of 1950 or the McCarran Act,

    With ..”the Subversive Activities Control Board to investigate persons suspected of engaging in subversive activities or otherwise promoting the establishment of a “totalitarian dictatorship,” either fascist or communist.

    It tightened alien exclusion and deportation laws and allowed for the detention of dangerous, disloyal, or subversive persons in times of war or “internal security emergency”.

    The Act made picketing a federal courthouse a felony[3] if intended to obstruct the court system or influence jurors or other trial participants.

    The future will place Barbarian Practices snitch line (sorry honey, there goes the swing and guava jelly from the bedroom) in the same file as the above because the intent and function is the same, to stoke fear, divide and conquer and gain power. History will look upon the “Barbaric” act, and the venal, cowardly and cynical men who have instituted it, with the same horror, contempt and ridicule deservedly inflicted on the predecessors.

    • Joel Robinson says:

      When I read through the act it seems to be against forced marriages primarily, and protecting young women from being able to be forced into a marriage at a young age. I don’t see any links with the 1950s red scare acts, or at all a connection with the Malicious Practices Act of the Nazis. Is it just the name you don’t like?

      • doconnor says:

        The name and the rhetoric trade on fear of a religious group. That is the problem with both laws.

        • Joel Robinson says:

          So if the act itself is not the problem (and the text certainly appears to be a reasonable approach to a real problem – abuse of young women by new Canadians from certain areas of the world), what should the name of it be such that it would not be a problem?

          I don’t see anywhere in the text of the act a rhetoric trade on fear of a religious group, it’s just outlawing plural marriage and forced marriage of young women in a powerless family situation.

          • doconnor says:

            The act should be called the Forced Marriage Act or something. The rhetoric isn’t in the act, or course. It’s in the framing and press releases and the tone of arguments. In isolation this isn’t a big deal, but being one in a series of criticisms of the Muslim community both foreign and domestic add up to a campaign of fear and racism.

  17. Maps Onburt says:

    When this is all over, there will be lots of analysis about what a huge tactical mistake the NDP made in demonizing PM Harper. They are being seen as “extreme” and have virtually shoved the ABC vote over to Trudeau. They will be left with only the most extreme left partisans and will be pushed down to below their “normal” levels. Their hatred for Harper has completely blinded them. Their party means nothing if he decides to take a walk in a snowstorm. You can see this in the illogical and incoherent rants above defending the comparison of ANYTHING Harper has ever done or contemplated to NAZI Germany. Harper may well lose but I will take solace in the fact that the NDP are going to be annihilated as it would be too scary to imagine these nitwits in power.

  18. e.a.f. says:

    personally don’t have a problem with comparing Steve and his Cons to Hitler and his Nazis. They, in my opinion, aren’t that different. When Steve goes after Muslims just substitute the word Jew or First Nation or Catholics or Black…………..

    First Steve defunded womens groups, then he ……………….. Its just a different time and place but the theories and the groups he went after, ………………..
    auditing PEN, churches and charities, organizations who questioned things.
    muzzling scientists. If he stays long enough, we will see more changes. If he had had the chance I am sure Steve would have changed women’s options on choice and brought back the death penalty, dismantled our health care system.

    you may think its extreme to compare Steve to Hitler but for those really impacted by steve, it isn’t a big stretch and if your family did manage to survive the run up to the holocust and the actual event, you recognize things……….

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