01.22.2016 03:43 PM

The Mayor of Montreal isn’t a documentary, but he’s a copycat

I’m going to write some new material for my pal Coderre. (Oh, and the Wildrose guy is still right.)


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    Bill MacLeod says:

    Wow. I sure thought of you when I read that comment on a media website. (So naturally I rushed right over here to see what you thought of that.

    And yes, the Wildrose guy is right…and more original.

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    Al in Cranbrook says:

    Absolutely Brian Jean has it right…and so does Brad Wall.

    The sheer and utterly shameless hypocrisy coming out of Quebec’s leaders on this pipeline is beyond the pale! Quebec hasn’t paid its own way in this country now for longer than most of those posting on this forum have been alive! The last four decades of equalization have produced EXACTLY what WAC Bennett predicted circa 1969, which basically boils down to a culture of dependency born out of the subsidization of inefficient and wasteful governments…following which he stormed out of a federal conference in disgust, and for which P.E.T. publicly called him a “bigot”. And what will Quebec get this year in the way of federal dole? Another $8 BILLION? Assuming there’s enough wealth left in the west to pick up that tab…which currently is by no means a given! And through all of it, for every billions dollars they’ve figured they’re getting in dole, they get right to work devising ways to spend $1.5 billion, a lot of it on social welfare programs they rest of country can’t seem to afford, no less!

    How much of Quebec’s social fabric is woven together on the back of essentially oil wealth sucked out of western Canada? And yet they have fourteen carat GD balls to preach environmentalist BS to Alberta and Saskatchewan, two governments which enforce some of, if not the most, stringent environmental regulations on oil and gas resources in the entire world??? All the while they have a moratorium in place on oil/gas exploration and development in their own province??? No problem whatsoever, though, with burning oil from dictatorships, most of whom could give a rat’s ass about the environment!

    And all of this crap piled on top of decades worth of endless Liberal preaching about Canadian unity???

    Eastern premiers banning fracking in their own backyards, but all too happy to have their provincial budgets subsidized by as much as 40% or more by wealth generated out west by oil and gas, much of it only made available by precisely the means of fracking.

    Shameless, gutless politicians whom can’t stuff their sorry ass noses far enough up the collective asses of the environmental lobbies and AGW/climate change fanatics whom can’t get past their own loathing of the human race, and the fact that they’re part of it!

    It’s a bloody pathetic disgrace, all of it!

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    P. Brenn says:

    looks like Trudeau will step in here and make this happen ie pipeline ….oil aint going away anytime soon … we need to get along in this country as we are going into a deep recession in my opinion….need to have solid “Canadian homestead” in this difficult times. I may not be sunny ways but rather pull together to weather storm …. please lets put the meanspiritedness between east/west , right/left to bed … the enemy is not fellow Canadians

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