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BC election: I love good war room stuff



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    dave constable says:

    It’s an issue here. Assorted mining (including oil and gas) interests have made big donations to the BCLibs, and it si pretty clear the they have received a whole whack of government largesse (and overlooking of environmental issues) for their investment.

    If this is true (only source in BCLibs, so far) then yeah, NDP should come clean on any returns that might happen. (A laughable part of the BCLib propaganda on this, is that the union is ‘international,’ as if the BCLibs are not bought and paid for by foreign interests.)

    NDP has said it will introduce political finance controls.
    Meanwhile, Greens are doing well on Vancouver Island- lots of signs in Nanaimo Cowichan and Cowichan.

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      dave constable says:

      By the by, a person can go on to Elections BC site and find the yearly donations by contributor to each of the parties. The donaters are classed- 1 is individual; 2 is a business; and so on…

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      Luke says:

      I don’t disagree with you, but it doesn’t matter if it’s a meaningless cheap shot without any context. It just needs to get people’s attention and make the point in an instantly digestible way. Debate and counter arguments don’t matter with this kind of communication.

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    Miles Lunn says:

    Based on your past experience, how do you think has the better chance. I see it as a toss up now, but admit some may feel differently.

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    Miles Lunn says:

    It’s only those living in Surrey who are impacted by them and if you live in the south of Surrey you probably take the Massey Tunnel anyways. Surrey-Guilford, Surrey-Fleetwood and maybe Surrey-Panorama (if they lose this, it will probably be because of general desire to throw them out so not a tipping riding) are the only Surrey ridings up for grabs where this might make the difference. Surrey South, Surrey-White Rock, and Surrey-Cloverdale are safe BC Liberal ridings so not flipping while Surrey-Newton, Surrey-Whalley, and Surrey-Green Timbers are solid BC NDP. Where this could matter is the NDP have a lot of expensive promises, but the question is how will they pay for them. Maybe like Notley and Trudeau, people won’t care if BC goes deep in the red, but its much easier to make an argument in favour of running a deficit if in recession or slow growth than if the economy is growing strong. Not saying Horgan cannot win, he has a very good chance, but if he does it will be more because the electorate has a strong desire to change the government not over this.

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    Houland Wolfe says:

    I keep hearing that the BC Liberals are really Conservatives. WK, who do you support in BC?

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      Warren says:

      1. That’s BS. They’re BC Liberals.
      2. I helped run their 1996 campaign. I support them.

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        Miles Lunn says:

        I know you cannot reveal any internal polls if you have them, but from what you are hearing, do you think the BC Liberals will get back in or will the NDP pull it off.

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        dave constable says:

        I think in the 91 election the Gord Wilson Liberals did better than expected. So Creds were still in government, but their deeds were catching up to them. In the Libs, Wilson’s small, but fairly effective caucus, rebelled, and Wilson called for a leadership race – the race of the Three Gordons. Gordon Campbell won. In my riding, I knew the Liberal candidate who ran against my candidate, and the mighty Socreds. When 96 came near Campbell had already started purging Liberals from the party, including the fellow I knew. Campbell okayed for our riding a vice pres of the local Socred Party for the (now called) BC Libs. The fellow elected as Socred in 91 had switched to BCReform, so he ran for the BC Reform. Another fellow I knew, a staunch Socred, decided to carry the Socred colours. On one all candidates he pointed out that we had 4 candidates on stage, an NDP, 2 former Socreds, and a Socred…and that could only happen in Peace River North. A couple of years later, our BC Reform MLA switched other BC Libs, and picked up a cabinet post (He is now a senator).
        So in 96 when you were involved in the BC Lib campaign, Campbell had already begun remaking the party as a conservative bastion.
        As Corky Evans put it in his pithy way, the BC Libs had become a witness protection programme for old Socreds.

        I would say to Houland Wolfe that the BC Libs definitely are Conservative/conservative, although a lot of what they do smacks more of plain hucksterism. And to you, You’re right – they are BCLibs, just as Campbell designed them, and I believe you likely do support them.

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