10.05.2017 07:05 AM

Melanie Joly Watch: the latest media roundup

She’s a disaster, but you knew that already.

From the Canada Day fiasco, to these:

  • Globe: “Her fall from grace in her home province has been swift and merciless, sped by her maladroit attempts to sell a deal with Netflix…”
  • National Post: “[Joly] she has been savaged in Quebec media, artistic and political circles.”
  • Globe: “The Minister has been roasted and ridiculed to her face on live radio and TV, and dismissed by commentators of all stripes as naive and – worst of all – unable even to understand what the fuss is about.”
  • Québec’s culture minister: Joly makes him “speechless and angry…[she] legitimizes a fiscal inequity which grants preferential treatment to a foreign company over Canadian companies.”
  • Globe: “No magic will restore Ms. Joly’s footing…She needs to stop making rookie mistakes and start thinking about policy in terms of clear rules that make sense from every angle, not just one.”
  • Gerald Fillion, Radio-Canada: “You [Joly] are not hearing us.”
  • Paul Arcand, 98.5FM: “You can’t be naïve and sign blank cheques for American multinationals…[Joly] is a nice cassette.”
  • Sophie Pregent of Union des Artistes: “She underestimated the furor in the industry, on the ground. I think she didn’t see it coming.”
  • Michael Harris, iPolitics: “Joly’s medicine worse than the disease…[Joly’s policy] is absurdity in hot pursuit of farce.”
  • Journal de Montreal: “[Joly has engaged in] dereliction of duty.”
  • Richard Martineau, Journal columnist: “[Joly sounds] like a living answering machine having a nervous breakdown.”
  • Tout le monde en parle: “She makes us fucking angry.”

Wow! Great job, Minister Cassette!

But she wasn’t done.  No, Melanie Joly and her whiz-bang staff weren’t finished alienating millions of Canadians.  No, just a few days ago, Joly’s department approved a Holocaust monument plaque…that doesn’t mention Jews.

I’m not making this up.


Joly’s Holocaust memorial fiasco attracted headlines around the world. It made Canada look ridiculous, or grossly insensitive, or both.

Joly hastily announced that the plaque would be replaced, but the damage had been done.

So, again, we ask: does Melanie Joly have photos of the Prime Minister in a compromising situation? Because there no longer is any rational explanation for her have “P.C.” appended to her name.



  1. Pedant says:

    I can’t see Trudeau firing any younger female cabinet minister so matter how incompetent.

    Because it’s 2017.

    • Matt says:

      He demoted Monsef.

      • Sean says:

        PRO-moted Monsef… and sent Dion packing… which tells us everything we need to know about this Government. 2019 time for a change.

        • Matt says:

          No, he demoted her from Minister of Democratic Reforms to Minister for Status of Women.

          And that was AFTER she did exactly what Trudeau wanted her to do: Fuck up the electoral reform file so badly and make the idea so toxic he could break his reform promise (that he never intended to keep) without taking much of a political hit.

          • Derek Pearce says:

            Bingo. She did her duty and did him a big favour. She was side-shuffled rather than demoted. Sean, hate to tell you but in 2019 peeps won’t be warmed enough to Sheer for a change. It’s going to take until at least 2023 for that to happen. Conservatives forget that small-l liberals practically always hold their noses and vote Liberal even after a skepticism-inducing first term of any Lib gov’t.

  2. billg says:

    What the hell is Quebec whining about Joly for.
    They are now presently celebrating the death of Energy East and Western Canadian oil and the growth of imported oil from Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and Algeria.
    At one time I was preparing myself for a two or three term Liberal government, someone better shake that group up and fast.

  3. PJH says:

    Wouldn’t this plaque have to get approval by the minions in the PMO before the Prime Minister inaugurated it?……
    Sounds like the bumbling wasn’t just with the minister’s office……

    • Derek Pearce says:

      My hunch is that both Joly’s and the PM’s people wrangled with trying to “include-more-than-“just”-the-Jews” in the plaque but felt that mentioning gays, Roma, Jehova’s Witnesses, communists and so forth would dilute the “power” of the message. So they foolishly diluted it themselves. Not trying to justify it just trying to understand their thought process.

  4. Matt from Ottawa says:

    I dont know whats worse – the fact that Justin Trudeau “forgot” to mention the Jew’s in his statement for the plaque, or the fact that he purposely omitted to mention them. There really is no other option.

    As for Melanie Joly, she has been a mess from the get go. From her start where Butt’s & Co ensured she got the nomination or the fact that she’s bungled almost everything she’s touched. My guess, she will be moved to a less important cabinet position in the next shuffle.

  5. Montrealaise says:

    I have never been impressed by Melanie Joly. I remember when she ran for the Montreal mayoralty in the 2013 election and Ms. Joly, a lawyer, told an interviewer that she started out working for a large law firm but quit because the work was too hard and the hours were too long. As a Montrealer, I was relieved she didn’t get elected – and yet here she is as a federal cabinet minister.

    • Nicole says:

      I normallly don’t pay attention to Joly but I was at the TIFF premiere of Alias Grace and she did an introduction that was longer than that of the actual stars and writers and said a whole bunch of nothing in English and French. I turned to my friend after her speech and we both thought the same thing. Nice hair and jacket but not a lot of substance or charisma. And a larger sense of her importance than was warranted.

  6. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    By its very nature you can’t do generic when it comes to tragedies like the Holocaust.

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