09.25.2018 04:59 PM

I’m drawing the line at Kevlar vests, however


  1. DT 905er says:

    It’s all fine for progressives when it’s Antifa smashing things and protesting, or your “resistance” protestors invading restaurants and intimidating people having a meal… but god forbid conservatives congregate and raise their voice.

    • Jim says:

      Find me one time that Warren (or any reasonable commentator) has defended that sort of behaviour.

      I’ll wait.

    • Eastern Rebellion says:

      Hey, I like to consider myself a conservative, and Faith Goldy is definitely not one of us. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

      • Pete Smith says:

        I doubt you’re conservative.

        You can thank all the occupy, idle, Antifa groups for bringing peaceful assembly to mean nothing.

    • Peter says:

      You sound like you pine for the Berlin street battles of the 30’s. Conservatives? Not in my book, sport. If you really were one, you’d want to know why these people weren’t charged. Some of our progressive friends would no doubt say they shouldn’t be lest we make martyrs of them, to which I would reply “But that’s the fun of it”.

      If I had to pinpoint the source of the political distemper we are seeing down south, I would say social media and chronic whataboutism.

      • DT 905er says:

        Well, you called me “sport” so clearly you win the argument without addressing my point. And no one cares what “your book” says – if they did “Peter’s Book” would be on the NYT bestseller list.

  2. Steve T says:

    Let me echo what DT905 said, but be clear that I’m not suggesting Warren is condoning any of this.

    When the left engages in protests that block traffic, threaten police, and tie up the regular workings of society, there is much ballyhoo about how they are exercising their rights to “peaceful protest”. If any of them are arrested, they are made out to be the second coming of MLK Jr..

    If the right engages in sign-holding and marching, they are often swiftly met with opposing protestors who yell at them, call them derogatory names, and impede their general movement.

    This has been a double-standard in the realm of protests for years, and it is really becoming quite tiresome. We need to define what constitutes a “peaceful protest”, and have both sides adhere to it, and respect it.

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