09.21.2018 08:15 PM

You’ll remember this ad for a long time

Friendly fire doesn’t begin to describe it.


  1. Jack says:

    Whaaaaaat the f######k!

    I did not expect that.

    How big of a piece of shit do you have to be for this? This is incredible.

  2. T says:

    Wow. Speechless.

  3. gmp480 says:

    I dunno. I’m not very impressed by this. It’s funny…you talk a lot about the importance of loyalty in politics. I don’t see a lot of that in this ad.

    I sympathize with the Democrats, of course, as most Canadians do…but something about this ad rubs me the wrong way. It makes me think: what’s *really* going on here? If you disagree with a family member politically (as I have on many occasions), then by all means argue about it — within the family.

    • Derek Pearce says:

      Or you know, get politically involved to stop the member of your family from trying to accomplish things you think are harmful. These people have gonads and good for them. If I had a sibling who, say, was an anti-vaxxer or something I’d sure as hell refute them publicly and loudly about it.

  4. John Wright says:

    There are a bunch of people who won’t be getting Christmas cards this year…

  5. Steve T says:

    Gonna be a pretty quiet Thanksgiving dinner, me thinks!

  6. Doug Brown says:

    Knowing nothing else, this ad makes me want to vote for Paul Gosar. The failings alleged by his family members are too vague to be actionable so the whole add comes off as manipulative and petty.

    • Peter says:

      I agree, they’re too smug. This is the kind of ad that will delight those who are already committed to vote for his opponents but will put off a lot of undecideds. Attack ads that fuel family feuds? Too bad they couldn’t persuade their parents to join in the fun.

      • Art says:

        You cons just don’t get it. Six reasonable people who know him, as only family would, tell you he’s a loser but you beg to differ. You guys are pure wanker.

        • Peter says:

          Actually Art, I would say the same if the political positions were reversed and, from what I can see, their brother is a wingnut. He’s also expected to win handily. But your comment did awaken the schadenfreude</i. within me. Poor Dems, all righteous reasonable people saying reasonable things for reasonable causes, but will the bad guys listen? There seems to be a lot of that going around, no?

  7. talltexan says:

    Going to make for some interesting conversations over the Thanksgiving table!

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