, 03.07.2019 12:14 PM

#LavScam shocker: the prosecutors react to Trudeau

An hour after the “Prime Minister” speaks, this.

This is simply extraordinary.  In all my years of lawyering, and trying to teach law, I have never seen something like this.

It is the clearest indication, yet, what the Canadian justice system thinks about Justin Trudeau’s repeated efforts to obstruct justice.  The prosectors are directly responding to Trudeau’s claims this morning.

If the rule of law is to truly matter – if we are to avoid being regarded, internationally, as a banana republic with a judicial system that is wholly a captive of of the executive branch – we must investigate, and prosecute, the wrongdoers.

And that, increasingly, looks to include Justin Trudeau.



  1. ABB says:

    The key takeaway here is the semantic equivalence drawn between the words IMPROPER and POLITICAL. Wow. Complete clarity of intent by the authors of that powerful tweet!

  2. Brenda,

    It’s not like they’re going to have the effrontery of trying to fire you, is it?

  3. Smrf says:

    While I think this whole affair stinks to high heaven I question who owns the account. The first tweet is from March 6.

  4. Rob says:

    RCMP won’t do anything unless the Tories are well above 40% in the polls and/or the Liberals are comfortably below 30.

  5. Amos says:

    And another problem for Trudeau perhaps?http://www.durhamradionews.com/archives/117505

  6. Paul Martin says:

    I think that they told Trudeau “Fuddle Duddle”.

  7. not 1st says:

    Look back on the Chretien govt, they sure have improved with age. I didn’t love Chretien personally but he never oversaw the destruction of Canadas basic industries and institutions. I remember him directly supporting the west with real infrastructure projects and how they tamed the debt. Reforms rise was really a response to the Bloc and not a judgement on Chretien. I don’t remember any widespread animosity toward him and I liked those team Canada trips he did. The Quebec separation vote was an unintended fall out from the Mulroney govt.

    Please don’t vote green. That’s a vote for more of the same the Trudeau liberals are dishing out.

    • Pat says:

      A staunch right of centre guy here who would give his left nut for Cretien over the virtue-signaling Dauphin. But I was saying the same thing of Cretien when Martin was PM.

    • Gord Tulk says:

      The “unintended fallout” was largely due to the Mulroney government taking a f-18 maintenance contract won fair and square by a Winnipeg firm and giving it to a Montreal firm. Sound familiar?

      • Vancouverois says:

        Well, that incident wasn’t the cause of the separation vote as a symptom of its real cause – Mulroney’s adoption of pr0-separatist positions and pro-separatist rhetoric in order to get separatist votes.

        On that score, it’s the Conservatives (and NDP) who now have the most to answer for. Their new policy of leaving all tax collection to the province is appallingly pro-separatist, and must not be allowed to happen.

  8. Max says:

    As Justin said “its been a tough few weeks”, there was the arrogant, entitled, smug smirk. He just can help himself. And despite 9001 jobs at stake (including the member from Papineau) he wasn’t aware. His deputy minister Warner, his BFF for 30 years and Chief of Staff Gerry, Katie Telford and his Quecbec Advisor etc etc all “were aware” what JWR was clearly informing them, but JT was not looped in. One supposes its didn’t come up. I guess when his very first response was an unequivocal FALSE, he was in the dark. No one told the boss he was going down with 9000 others. Inconceivable! “

  9. Max says:

    1. I didn’t direct her.
    2. The allegation is false.
    3. JWR is still in Cabinet.
    4. She can’t speak French. (ed. some Veterans are francophone
    5. Scott resigned
    6. I wasn’t aware.
    7. No pressure.
    8. No inappropriate pressure.
    9. SNC Lavilin will leave for London.
    10. 9000 jobs lost
    11. 2 people can experience the same thing differently
    12. Feelings, perceptions, interpretations, opinions.
    13. New learnings.
    14. “Trust, an erosion of trust.” Yeah, thats’ the ticket.
    15. Trudeau’s stories and he’s sticking to ’em. All 14.

  10. Rich W says:

    I am trying to formulate an argument as to Mr T seemingly trying to justify special legal action , or inaction, on the basis of potential job losses.
    Outside Quebec in matters related to drilling , refining, pipelines, rail shipping etc as a result of the government’s decisions, what is the estimate of jobs lost and estimated job losses?

    • Chris says:

      Abour 110,000 direct energy industry jobs, and probably double that amount of indirect job losses.

      Alberta lost 16,000 jobs just in the month of January 2019 alone.
      The only Alberta job I want to see dissappear is that of MP Randy Boissenault (LIB, Edmonton-Centre).

  11. Rich W says:

    Is this then adequate proof that Mr T’s concerns are 100% for Quebec.
    His demeanour seems to me to be frantic.
    Some more digging needs to happen as to T’s
    connections to Quebec; it’s almost appears that there is a deep cover-up going on with the SNC story being the tip of the iceberg.

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