09.11.2019 10:17 AM

Campaign 2019 day one, in tweets


  1. They’re POLITICIANS. Quebec votes trump Quebec rights.

  2. bhsk says:

    Their whole campaign will be to attack Andrew Scheer. The problem they have is that if people decide Scheer is likeable and not scary, the strategy blows in the Liberal’s face and they end up promoting Scheer and making people pay attention to him.
    FYI Andrew Scheer is a nice guy and I don’t know how you can possibly make him scary with those dimples.

    • bhsk,

      The other problem they have is Harper in 2011: a guy somewhat less likable than Scheer, who Canadian voters put confidence in for one term, hence the majority. Harper’s majority was really hard-fought and an uphill climb. IMHO, Scheer’s will be less so.

  3. Jordan says:

    When are they gonna #letmaxspeak?

  4. Doug says:

    The Liberals will win a majority. All of the leaders are weaker than weak, but Singh is not even close to being up to the job. That will send many traditional NDP votes to the Liberals. Trudeau stands out from the remaining crowd due to his celebrity. Canadians seem to have an inferiority complex about being noticed. Trudeau may be phony and the people behind the curtain may be incompetent, but at least he will attract global media coverage.

    • Vancouverois,

      Looks like Lizzy is going to have her pickle and eat it too. That will piss off legions of previously inclined English Canada Green voters.

      Christmas is really coming early for Scheer.

  5. Des says:

    Pretty clear now why they called the election on a day like September 11. The RCMP has a policy to suspend politically sensitive operations during a campaign, so, what do you do? Begin a campaign! Un-effing-believable. I see that the Globe is reporting that the RCMP has had a chat with JWR. I’m not a lawyer, but could she in this case say things that she’s not allowed to say publically? I’m guessing no if the RCMP can’t get anything from cabinet. Can anyone spare some help in me understanding this?

    • Des,

      Take this with a large grain of salt as I’m no expert but it’s my impression that CC and SCP are absolutely binding without an all encompassing release. In short, she can’t say zip to the cops, about matters outside the purview of the limited waiver, without with an express and complete waiver from Trudeau’s PMO. And even God can’t get Trudeau to do that.

    • The date of the election is based on a Conservative law passed years ago. The start of the election has been actually somewhat delayed from when it was expected.

  6. J.H. says:

    I will be more impressed with the media’s being tough and effective if they keep it up.
    Most of them have the attention span of gnats and soon as a Gotcha! opportunity shows up, they’ll be on to that.
    I will admit that the real pros like Fife and Co. have been consistent in producing quality journalism on the whole SNC Lavalin affair from the getgo.

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