12.19.2019 09:54 AM

@KaleighRogers and @CBCNews: so completely devoid of self-awareness, it is actually almost funny

Read this posting about a “news story” by the CBC’s Kaleigh Rogers and Andrea Bellemaire.  See (a) how fundamentally dishonest Rogers is and (b) how they inserted deeply-personal, wildly-out-of-context private life stuff into their “story.”  About private lives.

Then read this:


  1. joe says:

    In a progressive world, the progs get to determine what is private and what isn’t. If you oppose them, then your private life is fair game.

    Be prepared for a social credit scoring system like they have in China. Think it won’t happen here?

  2. Mike says:

    The CBC is turning into a classless organization. Here’s their latest, https://twitter.com/22_Minutes/status/1206934217478807553
    Fat shaming Premier Ford, quite a disgusting twitter post from 22 Minutes.

  3. Fred from BC says:

    If her name and picture weren’t right there I wouldn’t have believed that tweet came from the same person who demonstrated such callous disregard for those very same sentiments not one month ago. Once again, she shows no class whatsoever, and hopefully she reads this and is embarrassed and ashamed of her previous conduct.

  4. PAMELA LEVY says:

    I have never been impressed with the CBC (productions, reporting and other). A little too weird and odd for my taste. K. Rogers is a little person with little ideas who is trying a little too hard to cut corners.

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