12.31.2020 02:14 PM

And, it did, in the end

Right call. They had no other choice.


  1. joe long says:

    Agreed that he needed to resign.

    But perhaps he could’ve taken the Justin Trudeau approach: stay on and just say “Let this be a learning experience for us all.”

    • Lawrence Barry says:


      • faithless elector says:

        He’d put on blackface, apologize to St. Barts, apologize to the virus, promote Phillips and fire Phillips’ female, minority chief of staff.

        • Martin says:

          I actually know a real live person who will likely now be out of a job thanks to this jackass’s behaviour. Apropos of nothing, I suppose, but I note that he was in charge of the Shepell portion of Morneau-Shepell when they merged.

    • Derek Pearce says:

      I despise Justin but the whataboutism will not defeat him in an election. Quit it with that.

  2. Pipes says:

    Ya man. He’s still a POS. But he did, at least, do the right thang.

    • Phil in London says:

      No, he did nothing do The right thing. That would have been to stay home like the rest of us. You can’t do the right thing by bandaging a wound if you were the asshole who fired the gun. The actions of Phillips and others fessing up suggest some people (politicians) think rules don’t apply to them. Phillips has to be held to a higher standard because of his central role in the government.
      I’m not saying he should be hung naked by the nuts from the flagpole at queens park, by all means let him wear socks.

  3. faithless elector says:

    at least he tabled a budget. unlike some other so called Finance Ministers….

    I still can’t believe anyone takes Twitter seriously enough that people feel deceived about his location.

  4. faithless elector says:

    The Christmas tweet is a good laugh in retrospect. A truly refined, professional level of insincerity, exemplified only by the most comfortable executives. Very 2020.

    And what the hell is going on with the little tree at the bottom?! Is that from Charlie Brown?! Link below:


  5. duojet says:

    OK, the next question: How many other Ontario MPP’s left the country during XMAS?

  6. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    Is anyone else, besides me, incredibly surprised that politicians tell all of us one thing and then go out of their way to do another? Absolutely shhooocccckkkkkiiiiiinnnnnnngggggggg! LOL…

  7. Nasty Bob says:

    On a sort of ( but apparently not all that ) related topic…….
    If you own stock in a publicly traded company that donates to the UCP you might want to give your broker a call first thing Monday morn and dump it before everyone else does .
    If you’re a business that has donated you might want to get the i dotted and the t crossed on the disavow press release right now
    The blowback on this is going to burn everyone remotely connected to the UCP
    Oh …and Art Bergman (CM !! ) time to add some new verses to “Let’s go to fuckin Hawaii”

  8. Steve Teller says:

    Seems a variety of politicians across the country believe they are exempt from the rules. Here in Manitoba, Niki Ashton – one of the loudest virtue-signallers in the NDP stable – just returned from a trip to Greece.

    Her excuse is that she was visiting her ailing grandmother. Tell that to the thousands of people who had to forego funerals of loved ones right here within our own borders. I am one of those people, and Ms. Ashton’s pathetic excuse has no resonance for me.

  9. Fred J Pertanson says:

    From La Presse: “Quarantaine obligatoire | Les voyageurs admissibles à une aide de 1000 $ d’Ottawa”.

    “Les Canadiens qui rentrent au pays, que leur voyage soit essentiel ou non, peuvent bénéficier de l’aide fédérale de 1000 $ pour compenser les revenus perdus pendant leur quarantaine obligatoire.”

    Translation: Canadians who return to the country, whether their voyage is essential or not, can benefit from federal aid of $1000 to compensate for lost income during their mandatory quarantine.

    So JT and crew are going to compensate people who went south and now have to quarantine. Does any of that make sense?

  10. Phil in London says:

    Actually the right thing would have been for Doug Ford to fire his ass from caucus and tell him not to bother coming back. That he was afforded an opportunity to resign implies he quit, as opposed to “he fucked up so bad we can’t stand the stench”
    I struggled to vote for the first time in my life last federal election. In the end I did but I’m losing my appetite for it and that’s why this is so bad.
    If voters don’t soon have reasons to respect the process it’s gonna get a lot worse quick.

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