01.29.2021 04:57 PM

Canada will not be getting any vaccines anytime soon


  1. Chris Scott says:

    I notice Canadians are finally starting to wake up with regards to Canada’s disastrous vaccine rollout. A poll released today shows approval for the government’s plan has fallen from mid 60’s in December to 49% now. I suspect it will fall even further in a few weeks.

    And when Canadians are watching our American friends vaccinating between 1.0 to 1.5mio people per day, while we’re doing a paltry 40-50K, I’m sure approval will be near zero by April. It’s easy to accept the lousy results in the middle of winter. Just wait to see the anger grow when we’re still in lockdowns come spring.

  2. Martin says:

    Steven MacKinnon was on P and P last night. I have been saying for weeks that all these contracts have “force majeure” clauses in them that, when countries get protectionist, will allow companies to get out of the contracts. When Vassey asked about the specifics of the contracts, he wouldn’t provide them but he threw out the term “force majeure”. No follow up question. I just about screamed at the TV. The JT groupie knew this was coming.

  3. joe long says:

    Early in 2020 Justin Trudeau proudly announced a vaccine deal and partnership with China… oops

    In the spring of 2020 Justin Trudeau proudly announced deals to build factories to make vaccines in Canada … where are they? Oops.

    Justin Trudeau boasted that Canada had secured more vaccines than other countries. Smug smiles all around from JT and team Trudeau. Oops, where are they? Notice how Trudeau hasn’t released any of the contract details.

    Justin and Team Trudeau proudly boasted about ‘enhance’ border screening at airports. …Oops, it was just a piece of paper handed to some arriving passengers.

    One could go on and on.

    The only thing Team Trudeau has skillfully managed are Trudeau’s press appearances. I say appearancese because only nice questions from carefully vetted reporters, whose companies depend on Trudeau’s largesse are allowed. They are not press conferences.

    However, some reporters and columnists are now asking awkward questions of Justin. This undoubtedly means Telford et al in the PMO, will have to find more diversions (a la Payette) to keep the heat off Justin.

    Maybe Justin will shave his beard, leaving just a moustache? Perhaps he’ll do a sock special with Rosy Barton.

  4. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    Like I said, the next election is O’Toole’s to lose.

    • Douglas W says:

      All signs pointing to the Libs running the table once again in the GTA.

      54 seats in their back pocket.

      Do the Conservatives have a big idea for the GTA?

      Yup: we’re going to lower your taxes.
      Works every time.

      • Ronald O'Dowd says:


        Thinking out of the box is a skill that we need to improve. We must build on Harper’s 2006 playbook but I absolutely agree with you Douglas that if we stick to the standard CPC boilerplate, we at the very least, severely reduce our chances at forming government, especially in progressive-leaning provinces and territories.

        I also hope that Erin will make good use of the former prime ministers from both the CPC and one of our legacy parties, the PCPC. We desperately need their ongoing input and a wide diversity of advice. Use ALL of our PMs to win. IMHO, that’s critical to win a majority. We need that kind of an edge.

  5. faithless elector says:

    Justin has turned giving up into an art form. No PM has given up on so many promises, so many issues, so many people, so many principles. His memoir could be titled “2,000 days in power, 2000 faces of surrender.” It’s time for Canada to give up too. With Justin as PM, we might as well just pack it in.

  6. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    Meanwhile, did you know that Ivanka and Jared have rented a condo in Miami. And why are they living there? Because the magnificent mansion is being built (since few can still stomach them in NYC) and more importantly, guess who is going to primary Rubio? LOL.

  7. Nick M. says:

    I damn well hope the Trudeau government is losing sleep over this.

    Get on the horn with Providence Therapeutics, they have the knowledge.

    The current government plan Operation Ad Hoc isn’t working.

  8. Lorne says:

    But but Rosemary Barton and Chantel Hebert say people really aren’t concerned with the problems facing Vaccine rollout.

    Andrew Coyne rightfully pointed out to meet the September promised target of vaccinations Canada has to go from vaccinating 1 million a week to 1 million a day starting in April.

    Barton’s reply “Well they might.”

    • Douglas W says:

      Would respect Kapelos and Barton more if they ran for the Libs in the next federal election.

      • Ronald O'Dowd says:

        Ah hum, but Douglas, didn’t you know that it’s CBC News policy and part of their internal code of conduct to be impartial and always do unbiased reporting and analysis? You’re welcome. LOL, LOL, LOL. Did some employees or contract workers not get that memo?????

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:

      Funny how some people only actually become seriously concerned about the vaccine rollout the minute they suddenly catch it and drop dead. Funny sort of mindset, wouldn’t you say?

  9. Peter says:

    Well, I am con-leaning, but I don’t see anything that would lead me to believe the Cons or Dippers could dethrone him. O’Toole isn’t striking me as sincere (or inspirational), and his party has too many internal issues. Not a man for a crisis. Singh does strike me as sincere, but absent and so much into his woke bubble that I can’t see anyone other than the true believers he already owns moving his way. We are all paying the price for the modern shift to professional career pols.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      Give it time. People have been known to rise to the occasion. That’s what I expect from O’Toole in the next campaign and no, yours truly ain’t looking for a job or a GIC appointment. Either he has the internal fortitude to win — or he hasn’t and in my book, he’s got enough stuffing already to beat Trudeau with at least a minority win. Maybe I’m wrong and maybe not.

      • Ronald O'Dowd says:

        Look at the Sloan call: that took guts given the party membership and at least one-third of its incarnation. Not a call I would have made but he did it. I preferred some kind of political censure going into a closing electoral window but hey, last time I checked, I wasn’t the leader. LOL. (I won’t be running for anything either, just for the record.)

  10. Nasty Bob says:

    So is Canada joining together with other non-European nations to retaliate and put a hurt on their economy or is JT’s plan just to bend over , spread his cheeks, and say “please sir can I have some more “?

    • Shane says:

      Look at his response to Keystone XL, and I think you’ll find the answer to that question.

      • Ronald O'Dowd says:


        Sure, Canada should and must stand up and be counted but in the real world, once an administration is dead set against a pipeline it’s over, even if some states are huge proponents of Keystone XL. Another example is the demise of Northern Dynasty’s Pebble Project in Alaska. That also is likely done as dinner as appeals are likely to go nowhere. Good job that I sold the stock on the day after the election.

  11. Lorne says:

    Interestingly, while the government already had on the books the world’s highest number of doses per capita ordered, they go out and sign for 52 million more in the last couple weeks.

    That shows confidence in the plan they they have in place. (sarcasm)

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