, 02.18.2021 03:44 PM

Sun Media hit: Lilley and me on Trudeau/O’Toole failure


  1. Douglas W says:

    Trudeau’s failure, quite understandable: he has zero life experience.

    O’Toole’s failure: he’s a terrible sales person.

    In order to win, O’Toole has to sell Canadians on the notion that he can lead the country.

    They’ve checked him out and said: no thanks.

    • dour, sullen, and unsmiling political hack says:

      Never in Canadian history has an opposition leader ever recovered from a jaw dropping, pulse pounding, hair raising, chest thumping, unfathomable death spiral 5 point spread in the polls.

      • Douglas W says:

        O’Toole should be up by 10.

        • Pedant says:

          Why should he be up by 10 after Trudeau helicoptered $400 billion of borrowed money onto the Liberal voter base? The government has now even said that Canadians who acquired CERB fradulently don’t have to pay it back.

          What chance does O’Toole have against a government wililng to greenlight fraud? The non-taxpayers and tax cheats in Canada now heavily outnumbers honest taxpayers. And the Liberals have their back.

          • Douglas W says:

            “Why should he be up by 10 after Trudeau helicoptered $400 billion of borrowed money ….”

            Answer: vaccine rollout gong show.

          • Pedant says:

            This is Canada. People don’t vote based on that.

            What do Canadians care about? (1) Real estate (2) government cheques.

            The Liberals have blown up a massive housing bubble and have showered borrowed money on non-taxpayers and tax frauds. No Opposition leader has reasonably compete with that and yet O’Toole isn’t doing too badly.

  2. dour, sullen, and unsmiling political hack says:

    There should be a contest to name the top ten Liberal Party surrenders under Justin’s stewardship. My top 10:
    10. The Michaels
    9. Multiculturalism / Blackface
    8. Electoral Reform
    7. Wescam
    6. Lavscam
    5. Keystone
    4. Reconciliation
    3. Feminism
    2. Balanced Budget
    1. Vaccines coming in 2023

  3. Respectfully, all of this is meaningless until we get right smack in the middle of the campaign. This Prime Minister has given us countless reasons why not to vote Liberal. The Opposition Leader’s responsibility is simply not give us several major reasons that would overrule and negate Trudeau’s vulnerabilities on the campaign trail. My read of O’Toole is that he’s at least good enough not to blow the CPC campaign right out of the water in mid-election. I’m reasonably confident of that. And the thing is, unlike this PM, he must both overperform and overdeliver once in power. I think Erin has what it takes to ultimately do both. We’ll see soon enough.

    • dour, sullen, and unsmiling political hack says says:

      R.O. said “meaningless until we get right smack in the middle of the campaign” – BINGO!

      I’ve knocked a few doors / dialed a few voters in my day and I’m tellin’ ya: 8 of 10 Canadians haven’t the foggiest idea of anything to do with Erin O’Toole at the moment.

    • Douglas W says:

      I think of Robert Stanfield when I observe Erin O’Toole.

      Stanfield would have made a fine PM, if he ever won power.

      His problem: he didn’t have the political wherewithal to get there.

  4. Hank Smythe says:

    How does one get unblocked from your twitter? Swear I didn’t mean anything untoward @HSmythe10

  5. Steve T says:

    Another day, another attempt to deflect/distract.

    Today, it is “bilingualism”, which in the Liberal Party’s view of Canada means Francophone. So now they are upheaving the Official Languages Act in yet another shameless pander to Quebec.

    Remind me again how many people have died during COVID due to language barriers?

  6. Nick M. says:

    Today’s Headline at CNN:

    “Trudeau warns of a dangerous third wave as Canada copes with a vaccine ‘drought'”

    That ain’t good.

  7. joe long says:

    And now the friendly media is floating stories that one dose of a vaccine may be enough.


    Is Team Trudeau getting desperate?

    Or is it literature graduate science?

  8. Martin says:

    57th in the world as of this morning if anyone cares.

  9. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    The delicious irony of reading the Hill piece in the NP. First, most of the country not giving a tinker’s damn about our constitutional demands in this federation and now the West generally and Alberta specifically getting the exact same treatment from most other Canadians. All I can say is welcome to the club and may you thoroughly enjoy it as much as we have for all those decades!

    You see, most Canadians couldn’t care less about doing right by Quebec, the West, or anywhere else, so we all get to lump it together until this so-called country ultimately falls apart. The West will go first in some form, followed by Quebec. And we’ll deserve it in spades.

    • Yet Another Calgarian says:

      I am seeing more serious consideration of the pros and cons of separation here in Alberta than at any point since the last time we had a Trudeau running things.

      Unlike last time this isnt the rural conservatives its the white collar professionals. The overhwelming reason is the feel that the rule of law no longer applies at the Federal level. We’ve devolved into a second world level of institutional accountability.

  10. Robert White says:

    Fully agree, and add that only a female candidate will attract voters. No male candidate can compete with upcoming female leaders. It’s time for women to be leading in Parliament and beyond.

    O’Toole is not sexy politics. He’s not even contemporary politics either. He will roll to a stop, most assuredly.


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