02.11.2021 11:45 AM

The Hot Nasties – now on Bandcamp!

Download first wave Canadian punk rock here!



  1. Lee Hill says:

    A proverbial Proustian rush of 3 chord sound and fury in all its post-adolescent glory.

  2. Nasty Bob says:

    Woot !
    Just thinking 1st release was on cassette- now mostly obsolete…2nd release on CD – now mostly obsolete
    Today it’s on 101010101 format. Wonder what format the punk aficionados will be listening to it with four decades from now because the tunes themselves will never be obsolete –
    Delightfully infectious tunes 4 ever !

    • joe long says:

      What format will punk aficionados be listening to four decades from now? You’ll have a chip inside your head which will let you “tune in”.

      You’ll be able to listen to Justin and the Pacemakers all day long. Rosemary Barton on keyboards, Gerry Butts on bass, Seamus O’Regan on Drums, and dear old Justin doing his best Mick Jagger impressions.

      Sarc off, sort of. 🙂

  3. Robert White says:

    I’m from the orthodox Punk Rock Luddite faction of purists. I’m still on 56k dialup modem so downloading tunes from the first wave of punk will have to wait until high speed downloading works with 56k dialup modem connectivity which will likely be never.

    All connectivity should be free. Information wants to be free so music should too IMHO.


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