04.03.2021 05:11 PM

Us vs. Them


  1. dour, sullen, and unsmiling political hack says:

    They probably won’t admit it publicly, but I’m pretty sure the vaccine center in my home town has slowed down appointments to a crawl…. about 1/2 of its planned capability…. all because the Federal Government can’t get the vaccines.

    Meanwhile Federal MPs get a pay raise at the same time local restaurants are shutting down for good… Dreams are crushed…. Communities are slowly unravelling…. opioid addiction skyrockets.

    In 8 months they’ll get their pensions for 6 years of meaningless sleaze and that’s all that matters to Justin’s Team Corruption.

  2. Chris Scott says:

    It’s a travesty.

    I’m in the darkness, I’m isolated, I’m almost at the end of the line. I’m not sure how much longer i can carry on.

    I turn on the American news and their lives are returning to normal.

    I feel so abandoned by my government. I feel like they’re killing us and nobody is speaking up. Thank you Warren for speaking up. It gives me hope that there are still some among us who know what’s going on.

    God Speed.


    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      If you feel that you are at the point of needing counselling please, please, take that step now. Don’t make the mistake I made of pretending how strong and tough I am because it nearly cost me my life. Happiness and best of luck to you and all those who are suffering.

    • Even with thier progress on the vaccine the number of new US cases is still three times higher then Canada by population. They are the ones to fear for if they are returning to normal.

      The Ontario government’s failures are far more blatant and far reaching then the federal government’s failures.

      • Ronald O'Dowd says:


        That’s an easy one. If entirely accurate, then chuck them out too in the next election. Simple as A, B, C.

  3. dour, sullen, and unsmiling political hack says:

    U.S. 4 million per day
    Canada .2 million per day

    With a far superior health care system. What a God damned disgrace.

  4. Richard says:

    Justin is a loner. He is not a leader. He is not a man of the people. He is a man for himself. He prefers science fiction to truth, optics to honesty, the rule of the lawless to the rule of law. He is not fit to rule.

    • Doug Brown says:

      You attribute too much motivation, self awareness and intelligence to JT. He is an empty avatar for a movement to which he has no legitimate connection. He will coast to an undeserved majority as Canadians have been bought off with borrowed money, false charisma and celebrity.

  5. Gloriousus et Liber says:

    I’ve said it before and I will say it again: If it weren’t for the fact that Trump was president of the US and distracting Canadians by turning the US into a meth lab in the apartment below us, Canadians would be extremely upset with how the Trudeau government handled COVID from the start.

    Instead, most Canadians saw what happened and thought “Wow, aren’t we lucky to be here instead of there!” Will that change with our crappy vaccine rollout? I think most Canadians only know of the outside world what CBC tells them, and the Opposition is silent. The provinces aren’t any help since most of them seemed to have bungled the distribution for the few vaccines they received !

    We’re f***ed.

    • Walter says:

      For at least a decade, since the eulogy of Trudeau Sr. – the media was fawning over Trudeau saying he was a brilliant and naturally born leader.

      For people who don’t pay attention – it is difficult to break old habits.

      Mark Twain said; “It is easier to fool someone than to convince someone they had been fooled.”

      • Richard says:

        I saw his eulogy and found it robotic, and unnatural. I didn’t see anything leaderesque about it. It just felt off. And so does he. Like a jigsaw puzzle that doesn’t assemble properly.

        • Ronald O'Dowd says:


          Now you’ve done it! Butts must be tearing his hair and beard out. After all, wasn’t it his speech? LOL.

          Personally to the extent that I recall it today, I had a positive impression of it at the time.

      • Brine says:

        It’s not just that. The media are on the take, bought off by the Liberals. Most outlets (esp. CBC) don’t even bother pretending to be unbiased.

  6. dour, sullen, and unsmiling political hack says:

    G.E.L.: “turning the US into a meth lab in the apartment below us”

    – love that analogy!

    • Gloriousus et Liber says:

      Feel free to use it! 🙂

      Another one I thought was watching a dumpster fire across the street when there is smoke coming out of you garage.

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