10.31.2021 07:02 AM

Lies, by lying liars who lie


    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      Yes indeed, COVID’s over alright, at least for Idiots.

      • Peter Williams says:

        Interesting how the Liberals attack the Conservatives because they won’t say how many are or are not vaccinated.

        So what do Liberals do? Head off by jet to Glasgow to attend a climate conference where vaccination rules are suspended for the tens of thousands attending. And not to be left out Jagmeet Singh is going too.

        Why couldn’t they attend by Zoom? Save the jet trip and reduce the risk of catching COVID.

  1. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    This PMO are lying pieces of shit and they keep at it every day. And with so many FNs willingly, or not so willingly, playing right into their hands as they fully expected and counted on.

    FNs: call them what they are: POS and sue the shit out of them at each and every opportunity. Use the damned brass knuckles otherwise they will continue to roll you…and laugh about it that they can play FNs for suckers with little or no political consequences.

    We’re “disappointed”. Talk about milk toast…

  2. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    It seems Mulroney agrees with us, you know, those who still support your leadership even if Mulroney says you showed no leadership on vaccines. And of course, he’s 100% right which you bloody well already know. So…wake up and smell the coffee and have some well, gumption with caucus. Otherwise watch me and countless others do zip to get you indirectly elected into the PMs chair next time. I will presume to speak for both Brian and myself: you’re welcome!

  3. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    And another thing: for those of you who can’t wait to royally shit on Mulroney, a question: how many CPC or PCP leaders won back-to-back majorities post-Mulroney? Oh yeah, that’s what I thought too. (We won’t count Macdonald now will we.)

  4. Gilbert says:

    I don’t think JT will be PM too much longer. Erin O’Toole just needs to be patient.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      If HimselfTM leaves politics, a lot of the Liberal major negatives go straight out the door with him, especially after Carney comes in with his own top slate and quite deliberately sidelines most of Trudeau’s crappy ministers. In short, Erin needs to pray very hard every night that the prime ministerial disaster sticks around right into the next election. Otherwise…

  5. Phil in London says:

    Delusional – anyone who thinks turdo is leaving on his own any time soon. Too bad Carney couldn’t look at the blue team and see a path to victory that is Freeland proof.

    • Phil,

      Freeland..some DPM. Just look at what she said about Russia and China’s absence from the G20. Yeah, right, it sure is because of COVID-19. Give me a break. I rest my case. Her overrated geopolitical skills are now on a fast and precipitous decline. Pretty soon, she’ll rank in the same league as the joke prime minister. But then, lucky us, we’ve got the Global Affairs minister all briefed up to make things right…what a threesome!

      • Phil in London says:

        Ron, I see through the Freeland smokescreen as do you. Problem, Liberals who are tired of defending Trudeau in my personal conversations are offering her up as some sort of breathtaking messiah, AND the first female prime minister would be a Liberal (spoken to me by one who didn’t seem to recall Kim Campbell’s claim to fame).

        Is she overrated? Hell yes, have you ever heard of justin trudeau? He’s doing a pretty good job of fawning over her as his replacement when the time comes. Not at all something I look forward to but I won’t rule it out at all.

        I am serious about Carney, he should look at alternatives to a liberal cult. The O’Toole platform if not piloted by an idiot was pretty centrist mushy middle. You know the Liberals we used to vote for and our dad’s would have died for.

        Unfortunately there is a little old lady that falls for the CRA send me a iTunes card code scam every minute. PT Barnum says a sucker was born every minute but this liberal party screws with impunity and has had no problem shoveling more shit into willing mouths.

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