#LavScam Ipsos numbers

Right here.

Federal Ipsos/Global poll, 1002 adults, Feb. 14-18:

CPC 36% (+3 since December, 2018)

Liberals 34% (-4)

NDP 17% (-1)

Ontario (federal)

CPC 38%

Liberals 32%

NDP 22%

LIberal gov’t approval rating 42% (-9)

Deserve re-election 38.2%

What does it all mean?

  1. It means last week’s Campaign Research poll, contrary to what some claimed to me on Twitter, wasn’t an outlier. It means #LavScam is now hurting the government pretty badly.
  2. It means that the KINSELLIAN RULE™️ remains true: Until they see you led away in handcuffs and an orange pantsuit, voters are generally skeptical about media/politicians always crying “scandal.”
  3. It means that the Liberal Party of Canada is losing, as things stand now, but they’re far from dead. Want to defeat them, Tory and Dipper and Green friends? Get off Twitter and Facebook and the Internet and go and work for the candidate of your choice!

Color me pessimistic

#LavScam and Norman-gate: the scandal twins

Donato has captured something I’ve been saying for a while: #LavScam and the Vice-Admiral Norman mess involve identical facts:

  • PCO/PMO interfering with criminal prosecutions
  • the same PMO wrongdoers in both cases
  • obstruction of justice

#LavScam has captured most of the media attention, so not as many people noticed when the presiding judge in the Norman case stated in open court that there appeared to be collusion between PMO/PCO and the prosecution. See here.

If that’s true, Donato’s cartoon is pretty accurate.

And, if that’s true, we’re talking about multiple criminal acts – involving the same people.