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So, the chair of the DNC picked sides. 

In my experience, in every leadership race, every party official picks sides.  They want to keep their job, so they have a perhaps-understandable tendency to oscillate towards the perceived winner.  Happens all the time.

That said, a few observations about the Democratic Party’s “scandal,” which – when compared to the fun-loving cross burning ceremonies in Cleveland last week, resembles a gathering of septuagenarian Rotarians in a dry state – as follows:

This stuff isn’t a scandal.  It’s an opportunity.

One, by forcing the controversial Wasserman-Shultz to walk the plank, Hillary Clinton showed herself to be decisive and in-control.  That isn’t what we witnessed with Donald Trump last week: he sees nothing wrong in maintaining the support of really bad people.

Two, Trump clearly is hoping to define himself as an authoritarian nationalist, rather like his pal Putin.  But by edging too close to the Russian dictator – and by actually acting as Putin’s surrogate with the DNC leaksTrump further risks splintering the GOP base, which is made up of people who grew up detesting and fighting Mother Russia, and who still see value in NATO.

Three, we have now entered an alternate universe where the Democrats are the anti-Russia party, and the Republicans are the ones who are soft on Soviet-style expansionism.  It opens up a world of possibility for Hillary, wherein she scoops up bushels of pro-military Republicans, many of whom were already appalled by what Trump has said about POWs.

Donald Trump is working overtime to engineer his own defeat in November.  All that would save him, at this point, is an October Surprise.  And I’ll have more to say about that later.





Johnny Rotten in MALIBU. Beside a VOLVO.

Whenever I’ve interviewed him, he was sleek, supercilious and snarky.  He’s obviously now going for a different look.

Get back on tour, Big Guy.  California is not good for you.

Spotted by Andrew Coyne: Tim Kaine, VP-to-be, loves the ‘Mats! The band that saved my life!

I doubt Hillary will permit ‘Fuck School’ to be played at the Inauguration, but one thing’s for sure: Lisa and me are heading to NYC in October to get that man elected! Punk rock demands our presence on the hustings!

Until then, here’s one of the few vids the boys ever did. My God, I love this band. And so does the man soon to be a heartbeat away from the presidency!

And apologies to Mr. Cruz, still not dead. 

Here’s how to beat him, I think. 

Your perspective on the Republican National Convention depends on your politics, of course. 

If you are in any way progressive, it was a five-alarm dumpster fire, a bonfire of insanities, a crazy conflagration of fear and loathing. It made Fight Club and Dr. Strangelove seem like newsreel footage. 

If you are a Trump-style conservative, however, none of that matters in the slightest. To you, and those like you, the liberal media establishment are slime, and they lie all the time. 

What the reviled MSM (mainstream media) say doesn’t matter a whit to you, the Trump Troopers. To you, the only relevant truth is the one that validates your world view. 

Take, for example, the now-infamous plagiarized speech. Melania Trump stole Michelle Obama’s words and thought several million people wouldn’t notice. When some did, she and her husband blamed a secretary no one had ever heard of before, and whom many believed did not even exist. Dishonesty used to excise dishonesty. Lie upon lie. 

Plaigiasm-gate stomped all over the GOP’s narratives (pro-unity, pro-security, anti-Hillary) on Days Two and Three of their convention. It was a clown show, with CNN giddily dissecting every minute. 

But the Trump Troopers? They didn’t care. 

To them, anything emanating from the MSM is a lie. To them, anything that upsets the pointy-headed intelligentsia is actually welcome. To them, the only media that matters is found at the furthest reaches of the Right, recycling dark conspiracy theories about Benghazi, Whitewater and email servers, over and over. 

And, to them, the truth is just a theory. It’s relative. 

No sane person would. But the Trump Troops aren’t sane. They think Ted Cruz should put Donald Trump before his own family, I guess. 

Some of this latest GOP contretemps flared up on my Twitter feed, with a Canadian (!) Trumpster defending the bilious, barf-inducing billionaire. My response:

Last night’s CBC story, which (after several hours) I figured out how to embed: