What Liberals once had, what they again want

I’m here to drop off Son Two for hockey, and behold what I spot on the wall opposite the elevator: him.

Full disclosure: I worshipped this man. When I was a kid at Our Lady of Lourdes in Kingston, he came to visit our town. I lined up to shake his hand, and then I lined up again to shake his hand again.

Remembering that, looking at this, I think: it would be really hard to be his son.



It’s not just a honeymoon: time to panic, CPC and NDP

From Ipsos, a real polling firm. Click on the graphic for the story:

What’s it mean? It means that Harper and Mulcair can be forgiven for starting to worry. You can deride him as the Shiny Pony all you want, boys, but it’s now evident that Trudeau is the real deal. As things stand now, he’s going to win – big.

Commenters can (and will) offer their perspectives below. In my Sunday column, I opine that Harper can still win – thanks to progressive vote-splitting, thanks to the surplus, thanks to those 30 new Commons seats in Tory-blue suburbia – but polls like this one suggest that he has a big problem. Mulcair, too.

What thinkest thou, O wk.com readers? Me? Something big and historic is happening in Canadian politics, I reckon.


Against Me! do Janie Jones! SFH do in Rob Ford!

SFH played it at Strummerfest in K-W at Christmas, but these guys do it better. And remember! We’ll be releasing ‘Mayor On Crack’ at the Bovine Sex Club at the end of April, and it’s going to be a Janie Jones-style madhouse! See release below!

Ask me anything? Really?

Anyone who works with me at Daisy will tell you, if I get asked to do something, I quickly agree, forget about it, and then wonder why I agreed in the first place.

Anyway, this Reddit “Ask Me Anything” thing is today at 2, and I forgot that I agreed to do it pretty soon after I agreed to do it. I predict a total fiasco, as a result.

Link here. If you are irritating, I will find you and kill you.