Citizen media vs. The Boring Old Farts

Roy McGregor, in a typically gentle and gentlemanly fashion, has waded into the MSM vs. New Media fracas, here.

Personally, I don’t think he has anything to worry about. The so-called New Media will never supplant the old farts. They write better than we do. They are less predictable than we are. And, most of all, they generate original content – we merely comment on it. Very different. (But if the MSM continues to ape my species, instead of sticking to what it does best, the MSM is done like dinner.)

Why, then, do we keep seeing nervous, self-doubting articles like Roy’s? Ten reasons:

1. Bloggers are writing for a growing audience; journalists are writing for a shrinking audience.

2. Bloggers can’t be let go. Journalists live in continual fear of being let go.

3. Bloggers don’t have anyone telling them what to do. Journalists do, all the time.

4. Journalists used to believe they could write stories that could change things. Now they know they don’t change things much at all – and that bloggers have the ability to change things, too.

5. Bloggers seem to be having more fun.

6. Bloggers don’t have a beat. They can write about whatever they want, whenever they want.

7. Bloggers get to do what most news reporters would prefer to be doing, which is analyzing the news, and not just reporting it.

8. Bloggers don’t have many rules. Journalists have to put up with tons of rules.

9. Bloggers can post stuff that is written up, or filmed, or heard, or any of the above. Journalists don’t have as many options. They have to choose.

10. Internet is the future. Newsprint is the past.

And that’s why the MSM hates the New Media. You’re welcome.


I’ve been delaying posting this, but circumstances force me to do so.

Some time ago, my wife and I separated.  It has been very hard on everyone.

I only raise this because some hateful bloggers – I’ll name them if I have to – have actually been taunting/writing about us and our situation, albeit in a vague way.  They are afraid of being sued, and they should be.

I have also learned political enemies in Ottawa and Toronto are trying to get their hands on the pleadings in the case.  In this way, they will know how much money we have (or don’t have), our mortgage, my business details, even the contract work I do for the Ontario Liberal caucus.  Everything.

I don’t know if they will publicize the pleadings, if and when they get them, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they do.  It tells you all you need to know about them.

I’ve written this, re-written it, posted it, taken it down.  But I will leave this here, for now, in the hope that the right people see this, and they leave my wife and children alone.

That’s all I’m going to be saying about this.  Thanks.

Cheri DiNovo loses it – again

Here. The Rabblesians are unimpressed.

Nobody will be particularly surprised.

Her Looniness:

“…I think I did a really good job and I spoke for quite awhile and I said, “Okay, your turn, questions?” There was this silence and then one kid put his hand up and asked, “What drugs did you sell?” And I answered, “LSD that I imported in hollowed out Bibles (the first introduction I had to the Bible) and back then it was the good stuff, not the kind of crap you kids do.” That happened this week.”

A sermonizing Cheri, completely oblivious to a parade, and a lot of other stuff, too.

On the set at CTV, 8 a.m. Sunday

I did my own makeup, so if I look worse than usual, that’s why.
CTV’s HQ, meanwhile, is pretty deserted.
Maybe everyone forgot about theDaylight Savings Time stuff. I almost did!

Questions, some easy, some not

¤ Has Christie Blatchford ever taken a position that was not pro-cop/pro-prosecution?

¤ Did my friends Tim Powers and Kory Teneycke independently – and simultaneously, and uncharacteristically – decide to beat the stuffing out of Rahim Jaffer and Helena Guergis, as they are still doing, or were they urged to do so by PMO?

¤ Have the reporters doing the flattering profiles of the Dragon’s Den regulars – one in particular, known as “The Octopus” – talked to any, say, past female co-workers about, well, you know?

¤ Would you, or anyone you know, actually eat seal meat?

¤ If you ran an organization with a high public profile, and which often calls for others to be more tolerant, fund and/or facilitate a junket for white supremacists?

¤ Does anyone know how I can backup a Mac to a Time Capsule using a USB cable, without turning on the annoying and redundant Time Capsule wireless function?

¤ Why are there any bidders interested in purchasing the National Post?

¤ Am I ridiculous for tearing up every single time I see Captain Kirk shuttle towards the Enterprise at the start of Star Trek Four?

¤ Is it accurate to describe the blogosphere demographic as mainly male, and Facebook’s as mainly female?

¤ Is rock’n’roll dead again?

¤ Does David Miller actually believe there is a single sane person in Toronto who believes he “found” $100 million?

¤ Are McDonald’s fries better than Wendy’s?

¤ Are you willing to provide your answers to these questions in comments, below, so that we can all have a bit of fun on a rainy, gloomy Saturday?

No Lady Gaga fan am I

…but there is Lynchian genius at work, here. Once you start watching it, you will watch it right to the end. Guaranteed.

Not suitable for work or little kids, BTW.  And if you figure out what it means, be sure to let the rest of us know.


The Hot Nasties?

Apropos of nothing, it was the name of a porn film, and it was also the name of a band I happened to be in. Just saw this page a fella did up on us. (And the NME, no less, takes note.)

Here’s a link to one of our tunes, I Am A Confused Teenager (and I am, still).

Plus, as an added bonus, here’s a shot of us, as on our little extended play.  Left to right: Nuclear Age, Wayne Sane Ahern, Ras Pierre Schenk and Just Plain Tom Edwards.  Tom’s a monk or something now.

Christ, am I ever old.

Wink, Sane Wayne, Ugly Ras Pierre, Tom. Outside the Calgarian Hotel, c. 1979.