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WORLD PREMIERE! SFH’s ‘Kinda Sucks’!

You came here looking for some more #LavScam stuff, didn’t you?

Well, we’ve got something better: the world premiere of the newest SFH video, Kinda Sucks!

It’s catchier than a drawer full of fish hooks!

It rocks! It rolls! It’s a hit, and the kids will like to dance to it!

Share it with your friends and family, sing along with wild abandon, and download it often!

Who needs tawdry obstruction of justice scandals when you’ve got a new SFH video!

New Dark Ages are here!

Just delivered to Daisy’s office a minute ago – pre-release copies of my newest (and ninth) book, New Dark Ages!

A short synopsis:

The X Gang face off with Earl Turner, a presidential candidate straight out of their nightmares.

It is a dangerous, divisive time in America. A far-right political candidate is seeking the presidency and stirring up hatred against minorities. The X Gang, meanwhile, have lost one of their friends to that presidential candidate — and are encountering manifestations of hate practically everywhere they go.

With his band, the Hot Nasties, about to embark on their first North American tour, and several recent murders in the punk scene linked to their gigs, Kurt Blank and the rest of the X Gang have some difficult decisions to make.

New Dark Ages is about surviving in a nasty, brutish, and short-sighted time — and whether one should just go along or fight back.

Pre-order your copy right here!

SFH: come hang out with us and win

Look, none of us are as young as we used to be.

We don’t hang out in noisy, seedy bars like we used to. We go to bed earlier than we used to. We worry about getting stabbed in a booze-fuelled argument.

SFH gets that. We’re old too. As Maximum Rock’n’Roll and others have noted, we’re Canada’s best-loved geriatric punk combo.

None of us hang out in seedy bars as much as we used to. All of us get tired a lot sooner than we’d like. None of us are into being stabbed, to be candid.

But come to this gig. It is going to be (a) early enough for you to get to bed at a reasonable hour (b) fun. Lots of fun.

And get this: the first twenty folks can get SFH’s critically-acclaimed Kinda Sucks LP and my Recipe for Hate book for just ten bucks. Ten bucks! And the band may even buy you a drink.

Come. Us, Mr. Pharmacist. You can’t lose.

And you won’t get stabbed.

Lonnie James. Um, who?

So, Sam Sutherland wrote a great book about Canadian punk rock a few years back, called Perfect Youth. It’s really good. You can get it here.

Chris Walter this year wrote and published another amazing book about Canadian punk, Misfits and Miscreants. It’s an oral history of the scene, and it is pretty terrific. Buy it here.

I’m in both books, but that’s not why I’m writing this. I’m writing this because, in both books, I noticed there’s some guy named “Lonnie James” bitching about me.

This James guy says his band, which I never heard of, put out Calgary’s first punk record, which is bullshit. The Hot Nasties did.

And he says no one liked or cared about my band, but there’s some evidence to the contrary – here and here and here and here.

He also says that I put up posters for the shows we put on, and I designed them in such a way that rednecks would be motivated to call us “faggots” and come beat us up. Seriously, he says that.

Anyway, I can’t figure out if Lonnie James is a human or a computer virus. Does he actually exist? Is he a crazy person? Probably.

At the end of this brief entry, I’m aware of the fact that I may have given “Lonnie James” more attention than he will ever get in his entire life.

Anyway. That’s about all there is to say about Lonnie, who should go fuck himself before he dies, which is hopefully soon.